‘Field of Dreams’ Game: How, When to Watch the MLB Match-Up Between the White Sox and Yankees

by Suzanne Halliburton

Thursday night’s Field of Dreams game is loaded with nostalgia and overwhelming professional baseball talent.

Maybe you can close your eyes and pretend that the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees are just a bunch of ghosts playing baseball. That was a premise of the Field of Dreams movie, which premiered 32 years ago this April.

Or maybe after watching the movie, you wanted to know what it would be like to play baseball in an Iowa cornfield. After all, one player in the movie asked “is this heaven?” Nope, it’s Dyersville, Iowa.

Here’s what the Field of Dreams game is. It’s a contest between the White Sox and the Yankees. The White Sox are the home team because the game originally was scheduled for Guaranteed Rate Field on the Southside of Chicago. After Thursday’s game in Iowa, the two teams return to Chicago and finish there with games Saturday and Sunday. It’s almost a four-hour drive due east to get from Dyersville back to Chicago.

Here’s How to Watch Field of Dreams Game

The game starts at 7 p.m. Eastern. You can watch it on Fox. Or, you can stream it on FoxSports.com. The crowd is expected to be about 8,000. So it’ll be an intimate gathering, compared to crowds at other pro sports venues. If you want to buy tickets from a third-party vendor, the Field of Dreams game will set you back a chunk of cash. The tickets can cost as much as your monthly rent or mortgage and maybe your car note, too.

USA Today reported that third-party vendor TickPick.com said the tickets are the most expensive ever for a regular-season MLB game. The average price is $1,413.63. The lowest price of a ticket just to say you were there is $1,316. The highest cost for a ticket is almost $4,000.

So in this case, nostalgia drives a really high price.

Of Course, Kevin Costner, the Movie’s Star, Helped Publicize the Game

Kevin Costner checked out the field. Of course, there couldn’t be a Field of Dreams game without its star. Costner played Ray Kinsella, who built a stadium in his cornfield. Shoeless Joe Jackson was the first baseball-playing ghost to show up. Then all sorts of all-stars followed. We know from the movie that it was all about helping Costner reconnect with his long-dead father. Kinsella’s dad, a one-time baseball prospect, shows up as his young self. Ray introduces him to his granddaughter. Then father and son play catch as the movie ends.

Major League Baseball social media tweeted a photo of Costner checking out the field.

And Frank Thomas, a baseball Hall of Famer and Fox Sports analyst, loves the idea of a Field of Dreams game.

“This is a special moment in time,” Thomas said. “That movie was talked about so much by so many people. For MLB to be creative, to bring the game here at Field of Dreams, is special.”

The players will wear uniforms with a vintage look to them.

Plus, everyone waited a year for the game. It initially was scheduled for 2020, but the Covid 19 pandemic pushed it back.

We’ll all be able to see if the Yankees and White Sox pull off heavenly baseball in this Field of Dreams format.