‘Field of Dreams’ MLB Game: Fans Roast Joe Buck for Commentary During Broadcast from Iowa

by Quentin Blount

Some things never change. And in the sports world, one of those things is fans roasting NFL and MLB commentator Joe Buck. It happened once again on Thursday night during the MLB Field of Dreams game.

The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox are meeting up on Thursday for the first-ever game in the state of Iowa. It has been dubbed the “Field of Dreams” game. And none other than the infamous Joe Buck is announcing the game alongside John Smoltz and reporters Ken Rosenthal and Tom Verducci.

The game is taking place right in the middle of Iowa’s cornfields and right next to where the movie Field of Dreams was filmed. As a result, the game is a first for the state of Iowa and a new experience for baseball players and fans. But there is one thing that is a constant. For better or for worse, that one constant is Joe Buck.

In typical fashion, it didn’t take long for fans to sound off on the play-by-play announcer. In the bottom of the first inning, Jose Abreu launched a homer into left field, with Buck calling the play.

“A shot into left field, back at the wall, and it is GONE!” Buck can be heard saying on the call. “And the first home run in MLB history in Iowa belongs to Jose Abreu.”

But at least one fan on Twitter was upset that Buck didn’t mention the ball flying into the corn.

“BTW, how does Joe Buck right here not say ‘into the corn!’ #FieldOfDreamsGame,” they wrote.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Joins Joe Buck at Field of Dreams MLB Game

Field of Dreams is an iconic movie. And, of course, it stars one of our favorite Yellowstone actors — the one and only Kevin Costner. Costner plays a farmer named Ray Kinsella, who builds a baseball field in his cornfield. It ends up attracting some of baseball’s biggest legends including Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta) and the Chicago Black Sox, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, and Burt Lancaster. It saw its release back in 1989.

Prior to the start of the game, Costner walked out of the cornfield followed by both teams. He then grabs a microphone and addressed the crowd. One Twitter user posted a picture of the incredible moment and used it to take a shot at Joe Buck.

“Kevin asked the crowd, ‘Is this heaven?'” the Twitter user joked. “I thought, maybe. But then I heard Joe Buck’s voice, and I knew it was hell. #FieldOfDreamsGame.”

Meanwhile, other fans were just as upset that Joe Buck is still up in the broadcast booth.

“No, it’s not heaven,” one follower replied to Costner’s speech. “Joe Buck is here.”

Another baseball fan made his thoughts clear on Joe Buck as well. They posted a hilarious reference to the 1984 Stephen King film, Children of the Corn.

“Waiting for Joe Buck to get kidnapped by the children of the corn,” they posted alongside a gif from the movie.