WATCH: Fight Breaks Out Among Fans at Mississippi High School Football Game

by Dustin Schutte

High school football has returned to Mississippi. While most of the attention should be focused on the field, it’s what unfolded in the stands the captivated social media recently.

On Thursday, an ugly fight broke out among fans at a high school football game in the state. The incident occurred during a game between the Wayne County War Eagles and Quitman Panthers. It started out as a shouting match between two individuals before things got physical.

After the two individuals started fighting, several innocent bystanders attempted to break it up. Below is the video of the altercation that unfolded Thursday night:

The incident left one man with a bloodied face. And that’s not even the wildest part. Apparently one of the individuals involved in the scrum was a coach from another school, who attended to scout a future opponent.

According to TMZ, the Mississippi High School Activities Athletic Association learned of the incident. It is currently investigating the situation.

Meanwhile, on the fun side of high school football …

Not all high school football games end with fans (or opposing coaches) throwing punches. Sometimes, they end with one of the wildest trick plays you’ll ever see.

Last week, Loganville pulled out the whackiest trick play in an effort to defeat Monroe in a quadruple overtime contest. Loganville’s quarterback handed the football off to a tight end, which is pretty wild in itself. But it gets better.

The tight end then threw a no-look, behind-the-back, over-the-head pass to the end zone for a receiver. His teammate hauled in the pass for a touchdown, resulting in a game-winning score.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Those are the kind of fun moments we love to see from high school football games. The times we see fans, parents and other coaches fighting in the bleachers? Those are ridiculous in a different way.