WATCH: Fireworks Mishap at Minor League Baseball Game Leaves Fans Scrambling

by Patrick Norton

Minor League Baseball games often provide a contrasting atmosphere to what you might find at a traditional MLB ballpark. With a shortened schedule in comparison to its parent league, fan involvement plays a big role in filling the seats on a nightly basis.

Some teams offer a variety of themed attire nights such as Star Wars at The Ballpark. You might catch the club’s wacky mascot dressed as Chewbacca or wielding a lightsaber. Even without themes, entertainment between innings often includes an emcee, a t-shirt cannon or a silly race around the bases on exercise balls.

But a mainstay of the minor league scene remains the thrill of a decent fireworks show after seemingly every game. Regardless of result, the atmosphere of the park provides a unique, sporty experience for attendees ranging from bachelor parties to family outings.

However, for the minor league AA affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels, one show turned from excitement to near-affliction in a hurry. The Rocket City Trash Pandas lit the fuse after Friday night’s game, setting off a sequence of firebooms into the night. However, an error in the set-up caused a stray firework to shoot directly into the stands, catching the fans completely off-guard.

Footage captures the chaotic scene with patrons scrambling for safety. A statement from the Trash Pandas proclaimed the mishap ended without injuries. However, an ambulance transported one victim to the hospital for minor evaluation. The fan sustained non-life-threatening injuries from the chaos.

Minor League Baseball’s Wacky Adventures Never Disappoint

Earlier this season, an affiliate of the San Francisco Giants celebrated Men’s Health Awareness month to cap off June. On the final day of the month, Eugene Emeralds general manager Allan Benavides provided some extremely unorthodox entertainment.

Benavides – raising money for the fight against prostate cancer – sang the 7th Inning Stretch from a suite in the stadium. However, as an added flair, the general manager received a prostate exam while showcasing his singing talents.

It’s not a chaotic scene involving explosions in the stands, but the performance certainly caused some fireworks.