Florida State QB Jordan Travis Leaves Louisville Game with Injury, Returns to Sideline on Crutches

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight if you were watching the Friday night NCAA football action, you likely saw Florida State QB Jordan Travis injure his leg. The talented passer threw for 260 yards against LSU just a week and a half ago, dazzling the college football world. He was on his way to repeating the solid performance against the Cardinals.

That Louisville defense was getting through the line of the Seminoles early and somewhat often. You just can’t let your quarterback take hits like this. It’s tough to see. Here is the play that left Travis on the ground and in need of help from trainers.

Jordan Travis threw for two touchdowns and an interception through the first and second quarters before his injury. 13/17 for 157 yards is a decent day, minus that INT. Before the injury, Louisville was already leading. After, things started to even out a bit. Surprisingly, Florida State bounced back and answered with a touchdown in the third quarter.

Florida State Wins Without Jordan Travis

No. 13 would go back into the locker room for treatment. Soon, he was seen back on the sideline, but in a boot and on crutches. That’s not a great sign if you’re an FSU fan, to be honest. The good news was his teammates were responding and backup QB Tate Rodemaker was starting to get comfortable, even throwing for a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Still, fans would rather see Travis back there taking snaps, instead of on these crutches.

This would have been a tough loss for Florida State who got off to such a good start this season. They won an ugly game against LSU and are faring much better this season at this point than they were in the last two years.

The Cardinals have a loss to Syracuse and a narrow win against UCF in Week 2 had them in a precarious place. This was a bigger game for Louisville, there was more urgency at times from their team.

Even with the major injury, the Noles are leaving the Derby City with a W. This was a hard-fought win and Tate Rodemaker made a name for himself. What a game and what an ending. Florida State is amazingly 3-0.

Let’s hope Jordan Travis can get back on the field soon.