Florida State’s Loss This Weekend Was So Disappointing That Coach Mike Norvell Released a Full Apology

by Leanne Stahulak

College football fans couldn’t believe it when the Jacksonville State Gamecocks upset the Florida State Seminoles in Saturday’s game. The loss hit so hard that FSU head coach Mike Norvell issued a formal apology about the team’s performance.

While talking to ESPN, Norvell “took full responsibility for the defeat.” The Seminoles lost 17-20 in the last five seconds of the game. Jacksonville sent a 59-yard Hail Mary throw right over a Florida State defensive lineman to seal their victory.

Norvell called the game “totally unacceptable,” especially since FSU hasn’t lost a game to an FCS team ever before.

“I apologize to our fan base, to our university, to all Seminoles for the performance we had,” Norvell said in his statement. “I take ownership of it, but we go in and work, correct the things that have to be corrected to play to the level we’re capable of playing.”

He continued, “This team has talent, they have heart, they truly do believe in what we can accomplish, but we have to go execute. It can’t just be something we talk about in the moment. I’ve been a part of challenging times before. Tonight is a challenging time for our university and our football team. We will get it corrected.”

Florida State already suffered a loss to Notre Dame last weekend. Now, they’re looking at the rest of a tough, competitive season down 0-2.

“It’s embarrassing,” Florida State quarterback McKenzie Milton said. “We’ve got to own that. That’s who we are. We lost to Jacksonville State. We’re 0-2, so all we can do is look forward.”

According to ESPN, Florida State made several troubling mistakes. They missed tackles, caused penalties, and dropped passes that they shouldn’t have. Eleven total penalties resulted in 114 added yards that threw off their rhythm all game.

“If we keep putting ourselves in positions like that, we’ll probably lose every game,” Milton said.

Florida State Coach and Players Talk Improvements for Next Game

FSU head coach Mike Norvell refuses to let this be the Seminoles’ legacy this season. The program has reportedly made mistakes in the past, and Norvell promises to resolve those issues moving forward.

“Our focus has to be on us,” Norvell said. “We’ve got to go out there and make sure that we’re doing the things that are necessary to represent this program in the way it deserves to be represented. That needs to be our sole focus. Guys are extremely upset. They are all frustrated, as we are as a staff.”

Defensive end Jermaine Johnson II spoke to the FSU players’ frustration and determination to do better.

“We are still all bought in,” Johnson said. “Next week, we have to flush it. You have to have a great response. That’s what we’ve been building upon. If not, then we’re just fake. All we can do is lead by example, everybody on the team. Put their best foot forward and attack it the right way. We have to do that, and we will do that.”