Football Is Religion for These Cincinnati Fans Getting Married During Notre Dame Game

by Suzanne Halliburton

Catch a glimpse of how a clever wedding officiant updated the bride, groom and guests as Cincinnati and Notre Dame played a key college football game.

First, the setup. A couple decided to get married on the day their favorite team played perhaps its biggest game in history. We guess true love can excuse Jessica Jester and Kevin McCarthy, both huge fans of the Cincinnati Bearcats, for scheduling their big day for what always will be known as Notre Dame Saturday. McCarthy even works for the school.

The ceremony stretched into the second half. So Adam Billiter, a friend of the couple who officiated the wedding, decided to mix in a happy score update to alleviate the Irish-induced anxiety.

Billiter said: “I promised Jessica that I wouldn’t bring religion into this. But I thought I needed to mention it a little bit, and just mention – From the Book of Luke, 24-13 – 3 minutes and 56 seconds to go. Go Cats!”

Luke is the Cincinnati coach, as in Luke Fickell. And yes, football qualifies as a religion on a Saturday in the fall. So load the confetti cannon and pass the plate.

Billiter posted a video on Twitter to celebrate the day his friends got married and their favorite team won.

“When your friends are getting married during the biggest Cincinnati Bearcats game you have to keep alum Kevin McCarthy and the people updated,” Billiter wrote on Twitter. “Congratulations to Kevin and Jessica McCarthy and all the Bearcats out there on a huge weekend.”

There Wasn’t Much at Stake Other Than True Love and Cincinnati Football History

Maybe the newlyweds didn’t realize what would be at stake when they selected Oct. 2 as the date of their wedding. But it turned out to be a huge day for the Cincinnati program and maybe the key event for any fan of the Group of Five and the college football playoffs.

The Bearcats, ranked seventh nationally coming into Saturday, knocked off ninth-ranked Notre Dame in South Bend, 24-13. Although the season is just now reaching its mid-point, there is reason to think that Cincinnati could become the first Group of Five school to reach the CFP final four. Coming into the season, only schools from the big-time Power Five leagues have qualified for the playoffs.

Will 2021 be the season it changes? Will the Bearcats be the Group of Five playoff crashers? Most important, will the McCarthys have a terrific story to tell their grandkids?

Last year, Cincinnati finished 9-1 and ranked eighth in the nation. Their lone loss was to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. The CFP committee left them out of the final four teams, mainly because their best win was over No. 16 SMU.

But on Saturday, Cincinnati added a road win against Notre Dame to their 2021 resume. You can’t ignore that victory.

“Well, obviously, that’s huge,” Fickell told reporters after the game.

Pollsters moved the Bearcats to fifth nationally. It’s already some lofty air for a program that’s never finished among the country’s best five teams.

From everyone at Outsider, best wishes to the happy couple! It’s not everyday you can celebrate a wedding and maybe the biggest win in your team’s history.