Former Alabama QB Blake Barnett Assists in Hurricane Ian Relief, Serves 100+ Free Meals

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Days following Hurricane Ian’s rampage in the south, former Alabama quarterback Blake Barnett assisted in the storm relief by serving more than 100 free meals. 

In a Twitter post on Tuesday (October 4th), Barnett revealed that he was down in Fort Myers serving food to the Hurricane Ian victims. “What a great day. We were able to feed 100+ people in our community as well as donate about 100 meals to first responders in Fort Myers. So grateful for everyone’s support. Can’t wait to do it again later this week.” 

Barnett started his college football career at the University of Alabama. He then went to Arizona State for one season before finishing his career at South Florida. He stayed in South Florida since graduating and started a BBQ business. 

Luckily for Barnett, his home was not completely destroyed by Hurricane Ian. He recently teamed up with the Dwelling Place Project to help with the storm relief. “Together, we will overcome,” the Dwelling Place Project declared on Instagram. “After the devastation of Hurricane Ian, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. You are not alone.”

The Dwelling Place Project then held a community barbecue with Barnett bringing some smoked BBQ. 

Many People Still Missing in Fort Myers Following Hurricane Ian 

Meanwhile, Fox Weather reports that many people are still reportedly missing amid Hurricane Ian recovery efforts in Fort Myers. It was revealed that the search and rescue operations continued on Tuesday (October 5th) nearly a week after the Category 4 storm came through. 

Speaking about the searches, Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief Ron Martin stated, “Words can’t describe the amount of devastation and human impacts and economic impacts to this small beachside community.”

It has been reported that first responders are continuing to work 24/7 over the past week to go. They have gone through a large amount of destruction and debris that Hurricane Ian left behind. “We have a lot of people who are missing or unaccounted for,” Martin explained. “And we are committed to finding those people.” 

Fort Myers residents are currently looking through the destruction of what used to be their home. Scott Safford, who lives in Fort Myers Beach, said, “I hope a couple of friends on the beach that didn’t make it, and some that are still missing. Hope for the best, fear for the worst.” 

Also sharing his original thoughts when he first saw the devastation, Martin said, “I have been on the job for 30 years. “Tears was my first reaction if I had to give you a word. Tears streaming down my face for what this storm has meant to my community – the community I have served for all these years.”