LOOK: Former Boxing Champion Guillermo Rigondeaux Shares Updated Photo of His Face Following Pressure Cooker Explosion

by Dustin Schutte

Cuban boxing legend Guillermo Rigondeaux suffered serious injuries because of a pressure cooker explosion in March. For the first time since suffering the accident, he’s posted an image of himself.

According to OutKick, Rigondeaux sustained the injuries after a pressure cooker exploded, splashing boiling water into his face. The boxing legend sustained severe burns on his face and lost 80 percent of his vision.

Michael Benson of TalkSPORT.com shared a photo of Rigondeaux, his first since the accident. Along with the photo, Rigondeaux added the caption, “Every night when I close my eyes this is what I see. Sometimes it’s hard to forget.”

The accident occurred in early March at Rigondeaux’s Miami residence. His manager, Alex Bornote, spoke with the El Nuevo Herald shortly after the incident.

“When the pot exploded and we saw how Rigondeaux was left, we thought the worst,” Bornote said. “Because his face and eyes looked very bad as a result of the impact of the explosion.”

Guillermo Rigondeaux’s Boxing Career

Guillermo Rigondeaux is a two-time Olympic champion in boxing and fought in 24 professional matches during his career. He claimed 20 victories – 13 via knockout – with three losses and one no contest ruling. Because of his success in the ring, he earned the nickname “The Jackal.”

Rigondeaux brought home the gold medal for Cuba in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, competing in the Bantamweight division. He also claimed a gold medal in the 2004 Games in Athens fighting in the same weight class.

Throughout his professional boxing career, Rigondeaux competed in the Bantamweight, Super Bantamweight and Featherweight divisions in the ring. He started his career 17-0, going nearly nine years without taking a loss.

Rigondeaux suffered his first loss in 2017 at the hands of Vasiliy Lomachenko. His last fight was in February 2022 against Vincent Astrolabio.