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Former Chicago Bears Tight End Zach Miller Releases First Country Song

by Brandi Stillings
Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Former Chicago Bears tight end, Zach Miller released his first single entitled “How Ya Like Us Now.” The song features an upbeat country music style and a catchy tune. Motivated by people from his hometown, the lyrics were written about those who questioned his future success in the NFL.

“I had a ton of support [from] my family and friends that were my core group of people,” said Miller in an article from

Miller grew up in Weston, Nebraska, a town with about 300 residents. “But I’d hear all the chatter from the people on the outside like, ‘He’ll never make it, he won’t do this, he won’t do that.”

The country music singer/songwriter has been performing in front of his family for years. Now, Miller gets to share his passion with the world. He turned a negative experience into a positive one by channeling the harsh criticism into inspiring music. He was also searching to fill the emptiness, despite not playing football anymore.

With roughly 30 songs written, Miller has so far only recorded “How Ya Like Us Now.” He’s even performed for his former teammate and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

“I was actually kind of nervous because you want people to like it. We sat down and jammed all night long. He was like, ‘That’s good, slow this down,’ and now Jay’s on my listening panel. If I write a new song, I’m sending it to him for his insights because I know one thing: he’ll be honest with me,” Miller said in the article.

Following another path in his life, the ex-NFL player definitely knows how to make the best out of a bad situation.

Former Chicago Bears Player Zach Miller’s Road to NFL

Starting out as a quarterback for Nebraska-Omaha, Zach Miller found his way to the NFL much differently than most. He was then converted into a tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The only time he’s played this position was in the Cactus Bowl, a Division II all-star game, during college.

According to, Miller had a decent career while with the Jaguars. With 33 starts in three season, he caught 45 passes for 470 yards and four touchdowns. Unfortunately, he missed a few seasons due to injuries.

Then in 2015, he came back at full force with the Bears. He caught 34 passes for 439 yards and five touchdowns. The next year, he performed even better with 47 receptions for 486 yards and four touchdowns. However, about halfway through the 2017 season, Miller suffered a life-altering event. During a game against New Orleans, he tragically injured his leg and finished his football career.