Former Mizzou QB Chase Daniel Offers to Pickup Entire Bar’s Tab if Tigers Upset Georgia

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

If this Mizzou team is able to pull out this win over Georgia, then former star quarterback Chase Daniel is going to be spending a lot of money. A star for the Tigers in the late 2000s and current NFL backup with the Chargers, Daniel loves his Missouri football team. He also loves the fans that supported him and continue to support the program. Hope Columbia, Missouri is thirsty!

When Daniel woke up this morning he thought he’d put some good energy out into the world. The former QB likely thought he was more than safe making this bet with the Tiger fanbase.

“If [Mizzou football] wins today then I’m paying the bar tab for EVERYONE for 2 hours at [Harpo’s] tonight!!!! Let’s GO!!” Chase Daniel tweeted.

After the first half was over, Daniel was probably sweating. One from the wild game action going on in front of him and two from that hole that he could feel starting to burn in his pocket. The folks in Columbia will be partying until next week if they are able to pull this game out. That halftime lead of 16-6 was stunning just to see in real life.

College football is hilarious and fun and exciting because things like this can happen on any given Saturday. There is no guarantee in the sport and that’s why every weekend teams and fans gear up and put all their faith into the players on the field. Even 2-2 Mizzou is giving the Bulldogs a headache.

Will Chase Daniel Have to Pay?

Starting in the fourth quarter, Mizzou had a 19-12 lead. They had the ball going into the final period and were able to take it down field but were stopped. Kicker Harrison Mevis went out and put a 55-yard field goal through the uprights and walked off the field with his chest out in front of him.

Mevis doesn’t look like much of a kicker. But he’s got a big leg and can kick the ball more than halfway down the field. Georgia can play good defense all they want, but these field goals are starting to add up. Let’s see what these final minutes have to offer. Will Chase Daniel have to pay up down at Harpo’s?