LOOK: Former MLB Pitcher Kyle Farnsworth is Absolutely Yoked Now, Enters Bodybuilding Competition

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Kyle Farnsworth pitched 989 career innings in Major League Baseball. Now, he looks like he could squat 989 pounds.

Yesterday, the former relief pitcher shared a photo on social media showing off his “classic physique” leading up to a bodybuilding competition. The bathroom selfie shows an incredibly yoked Farnsworth flexing, possibly with 0% body fat or less.

It is not a complete transformation for Farnsworth, who was listed at 240 pounds with 6.5% body fat near the tail-end of his pitching career in 2012. I am sure there are a lot of “#pitcherswholift” but this guy is on a whole other level.

According to an article by ESPN’s Luke Cyphers, Farnsworth earned black belt status in tae kwon do in high school. In 2008, he trained in MMA-style fighting, where he learned submission holds and jiujitsu techniques.

Farnsworth Brawls With Paul Wilson

Kyle Farnsworth was listed at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds when he last appeared on an MLB roster back in 2014. His career spanned 16 years with nine different teams. Most notably, he was with the Chicago Cubs for his first six years. He appeared in 343 games for the Cubs and posted a 22-37 win-loss record over 479 innings.

His most remembered MLB moment came on June 19, 2003. Farnsworth was pitching for Chicago when he buzzed Paul Wilson of the Cincinnati Reds with a high-and-inside pitch.

Farnsworth and Wilson jawed back-and-forth for a few seconds before they started running towards each other. When they met between the pitcher’s mound and home plate, Farnsworth planted Wilson with a body slam and then began swinging when the two hit the ground. Both benches spilled onto the field and the brawl was on at Great American Ballpark.

Almost 18 years to the day, I bet Wilson was shaking in his boots when he saw that photo of the new-and-improved Farnsworth.