Former NFL Quarterback Alex Smith Shares News About Daughter’s Emergency Brain Tumor Surgery and Recovery

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Former NFL quarterback Alex Smith opened up about his daughter, Sloane, having and recovering from major surgery to remove a brain tumor. Smith made a heartfelt Instagram post on Saturday with pictures of Sloane and a long message.

Smith said he and his wife, Elizabeth, had to rush Sloane to the hospital emergency room on May 10 with stroke-like symptoms. The results of an MRI showed a large brain tumor and she was rushed into an emergency craniotomy. After a 10-hour procedure, Smith says the neurosurgeons at Stanford Children’s Health in Palo Alto, California were able to remove 100% of the tumor.

Since then, Smith says Sloane “in her true form” has handled it like a “rockstar!” She has healed from surgery and is “back to her bubbly self.” That is one strong six-year-old.

Alex Smith thanked the medical team, along with friends, family and everyone who has reached out. He says the past month has been the most challenging time they have “EVER” been through. But they are “healing together as a family.”

Pathology revealed that Sloane had a very rare malignant tumor. It has very few documented cases and is without a clear treatment going forward. We are wishing for the absolute best for Sloane’s recovery. Hopefully, her dad will keep us updated as she gets through this difficult time.

Alex Smith’s Family Stays Strong

For Alex Smith to say this is the most challenging time he and his family have had to endure is saying quite a lot. Back in November 2018, Houston’s J.J. Watt sacked the quarterback while playing for the Washington Football Team and suffered a broken leg on the play.

During what was supposed to be the healing process, Smith developed sepsis, which first threatened his life and then threatened amputation of his leg.

Smith chose to not amputate, which required multiple surgeries and a much more difficult recovery overall. He was miraculously able to return to an NFL field and played eight games for Washington in 2020, earning the league’s Comeback Player of the Year award in the process. He retired from football after that season.

I highly recommend watching E60’s Project 11 for the full story. Although a severe GRAPHIC WARNING for anyone who is squeamish. It is for a purpose though, it is necessary to appropriately explain the gravity of the situation.