Former NFL Running Back Jay Ajayi Receives Settlement for Loss-of-Value Insurance Policy

by Chris Haney

Fromer NFL running back Jay Ajayi will finally be paid what he deserves after battling for years over a loss-of-value insurance policy. Three years after he played his last game in the league, Ajayi is just now receiving an undisclosed amount of a $5 million maximum insurance payout.

Like many other NFL stars, Ajayi was smart enough to take out an insurance policy in case of a career-ending injury. Sadly, his short five-year career in the league came to an abrupt end in December 2019. The former Miami Dolphins running back tore his ACL in his second season with the Philadelphia Eagles and was never the same.

That following offseason, he re-signed with the Eagles on a conservative one-year deal worth $805,000. But during his fifth season, Philly released Ajayi and he never played again. Therefore the insurance company should’ve paid out upwards of $5 million on his policy. Instead, the player and insurance company have fought over the compensation for the last three years now.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport’s tweet on Tuesday morning, Ajayi’s business manager shared an update on the policy dispute. Ajayi’s business manager, Joshua Sanchez, confirmed that the insurance company and his client have reached a settlement over his loss-of-value insurance policy.

Rapoport didn’t share any further details about the settlement, and the agreed upon compensation is unclear. Yet Ajayi finally has at least a portion of the $5 million policy coming his way after years of arbitration.

Jay Ajayi and His Rollercoaster Ride of an NFL Career

Jay Ajayi had a rollercoaster ride of a career throughout his short time in the NFL. His also walked an unlikely path to the league as well.

The 28-year-old was born to Nigerian parents in London, England in 1993. At only seven years old, his family moved to America and would eventually end up in Texas. Ajayi later attended Boise State University in Idaho where he started two out of his three seasons on the team. That’s where he gained national attention as one of college football’s top runners. That’s why when it came to decision time, the running back chose to forego his senior year to enter the 2015 NFL Draft.

The Miami Dolphins selected Ajayi in the fifth round with the 149th overall pick. Yet his tenure in Miami came with mixed results. Unfortunately, Ajayi’s NFL career was riddled with injuries throughout his five seasons in the league. He broke his ribs in a preseason game his rookie season, which kept him out until November. But in his second season, Ajayi had almost 1,300 rushing yards and eight touchdowns along the way to a Pro Bowl selection.

It looked like he may have a bright career ahead of him after that season. But less than halfway through Ajayi’s third year, Miami traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth round draft pick. Things worked out though for Ajayi as he contributed to the Eagles winning the Super Bowl later that season.

However, it was downhill from there. His fourth season, Ajayi tore his ACL in Week 5 and went on injured reserve. In his fifth season, the running back only appeared in three games and Philly eventually released Ajayi midseason that December. Little did Ajayi know those would be the final three games of his short, up-and-down NFL career.