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Former NFL Star Aqib Talib Recalls Playing on Adderall: ‘It Was Like a Video Game’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Former NFL Cornerback Aqib Talib had a career of ups and downs that brought him All-Pro status. During his playing days, Talib was considered one of the NFL’s elite defensive backs and a lockdown cornerback.

Talib spent his college years playing for the University of Kansas where he was a standout performer. The Tampa Bay Bucs made him an NFL draft first round pick in 2008. He had stints with five different teams in his career, playing for the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

Talib recently joined Boston Sports Radio Station WEEI 93.7 to talk about his days as an NFL superstar. In the interview Talib recalls the first time he consumed Adderall in an attempt to take his game to the next level.

Adderall is a prescription drug that contains four types of amphetamine salts. It is typically given by medical professionals to individuals suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. It is a banned substance under the NFL’s performance enhancing drug policy — something Talib learned the hard way.

Talib Talks Experience With Adderall

After hearing from other players about how Adderall can boost physical performance, Talib says he decided to give it a try. The former pro bowler claims he and fellow Tampa Bay Bucs player Eric Wright took the medication before a 2012 practice. He describes the experience as “like playing a video game.” Therefore, he says he had one of his best practices.

“We’re hearing all of the Adderall stories,” he says. “Adderall this, Adderall that, so we’re like, let’s see. Let’s see what the hell everybody is taking Adderall for while they play football, right?”

Talib says the practice was one of his best as he was completely locked in and able to play faster.

“I was like a machine,” he says. “I was like mega man.”

Additionally, he says he was able to diagnose plays easier.

Though he says he took the medication without knowledge of its legality in the league, Talib would fail a drug screen. He would end up on the suspension list for four games due to failing the test. The corner says he takes a valuable lesson from the experience.

“You got to be safe, you got to get everything checked, you gotta do extra investigating when it comes to that kind of stuff,” he says.