Former NFL Star Chad Johnson Tips $1K at Tennessee IHOP

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

After leaving an amazing and generous $1,000 tip at a Tennessee IHOP, former NFL star Chad Johnson speaks about the experience. 

According to the New York Post, Chad Johnson ate at the restaurant near the University of Tennessee hours before the Kentucky-Tennessee game on Saturday (October 29th). The bill for the meal was only $14. But Johnson decided that the waitress deserved more than a 20% tip. “It’s my first time in the Ville,” he wrote on the receipt about being in Knoxville, which he posted on Twitter. “Going to the game tonight, but I don’t know the Rocky Top song.”

In the tweet featuring the receipt, Johnson wrote, “Proverbs 11:25 (Knox edition).” 

The New York Post further reports that Chad Johnson is no stranger to leaving large tips. In 2019, the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver tipped $100 on an $18.17 check at a Bahama Breeze. He left the same Bible verse “Proverbs 11:25.” 

Chad Johnson then tipped $2,000 and wrote, “Rent increase sucks, this should help, vote Ocho 2024.” Johnson previously spoke to the Post about why he gives large tips. “It’s just something I always do, regardless of where I am, regardless of what restaurant or the service, I always take care of those who are serving me.”

Along with giving generous tips and inspirational messages, Chad Johnson tends to write, “I Love You” for gratitude. Johnson was notably at Knoxville not only for the game but also for his daughter, who is a senior looking at colleges. He shared last week, “My daughter has an official visit for Vols track in Knox next weekend, I’ll be at the game, have to get a picture w/ Hyatt before the game if they let me on the sideline.”

Johnson’s son is a wide receiver for Arizona State. 

Chad Johnson Trolls His Daughter After Being Asked to Buy Her a Pair of $180 Nike Shoes 

Chad Johnson recently trolled his daughter Cha’iel after she asked him to buy her a pair of $180 Nike shoes. In a social media post, Johnson shared the conversation between him and Cha’iel about the shoes. “I love being a dad,” he wrote the caption. 

While speaking to her father, Cha’iel texted, “This the last size they have pops. You gone order these for me or send the money for me to do it. Ian using my savings money so.”

“Yeah check your Zelle,” Chad Johnson responded. Cha’iel  answered, “I ain’t got nothing.” Johnson declared, “Me neither so where do we go from here?” 

 Although Chad Johnson ended up not getting his daughter the shoes, he has surprised her with other lavish gifts. Sportskeedra reports that in 2021, he purchased her a new car. Cha’iel currently attends Prairie View A&M University and is on the track and field team. However, it seems as though she is looking to transfer.