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Former NFL Star Deion Sanders’ Beloved Boombox Returned After Theft: ‘God is Good’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders’ beloved boombox has been returned. The NFL legend posted a plea for its return yesterday after someone stole it from his car.

“God is Good and JACKSON MISSISSIPPI IS Great!,” the NFL Hall of Famer wrote on an Instagram video. “UNITY is what I’ve been pursuing all my life. If we can come together over a darn boom box I know we can come together for issues like senseless murders, kidnapping, Financial literacy, education, Teenage pregnancy, family breakdown, drugs & alcohol abuse, and crime! We can do this Jackson Mississippi and EVERYWHERE ELSE! I love y’all and y’all proved me right. I bet on y’all and y’all came thru, I love all y’all and especially the HOOD!”

Sanders, who recently took over as head coach at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, was staying at a hotel in the area when the break-in occurred.

“This is behavior we don’t condone!” he posted after the theft, TMZ reported. “There will be a reward for whoever can find my speaker. Several cars were broken into last night at this Hotel @ 5:37am. A white SUBURBAN and driver is on video. I’m counting on my folks on this 1. Love y’all 2 life.”

Less than a day later, someone dropped off the boombox at the university. They included a handwritten note. It read, “Man they wild. They say they didn’t know but I ain’t trippin over no bread.”

“Just please bring back hope 2 Jackson … a winning season would be great.”

Deion Sanders Said He Wanted to Offer Thief A Job

Deion Sanders was desperate to get the boombox back because of its sentimental value. He said someone special gave it to him. After it was returned, he felt a great deal of pride to be part of the Jackson community.

In the Instagram video Wednesday, Sanders said he was approached by several people that morning while eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Some were police officers and some were members of the community, but they all offered to help.

Sanders wanted to extend that notion of help to the person who took it.

“I wanted to meet the gentleman,” Sanders said. “…But I wanted to meet him because I wanted to understand, do you want to steal or do you want a job? Because I wanted to offer him a job so he could make some money, and he could have an honest living.”