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Former NFL Star Jared Allen Slams Absurd Rules That Turn QBs Into a Big ‘Wuss’

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Jared Allen spent his 12-year career in the NFL striking fear into the hearts of opposing players. The former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen recently weighed in on the league’s controversial roughing the passer rules.

As expected, the future Hall of Famer isn’t a big fan of the rules.

Allen announced his retirement in 2016 after compiling 136 sacks, so he’s used to chasing down QBs and risking roughing the passer calls. He shared his distaste for the league’s pampering of quarterbacks during a recent appearance on the Bussin’ With The Boys podcast.

“It’s the stupidest thing on the face of the earth. It really is,” Allen told podcast co-host Will Compton. “I just don’t understand. [Quarterbacks] make the most money. They should assume the most risk, in my opinion.”

The four-time All-Pro claims he doesn’t believe that the roughing the passer calls are actually in place for player protection.

“Come out and just be honest about it,” Allen remarked. “Don’t say you’re protecting it because of player safety. Cause it’s not player’s safety, it’s player. Singular safety. You’re protecting quarterbacks, that’s all you’re doing.”

Allen has a point, considering quarterbacks are far and away the highest paid player on most rosters, and since the rule is designed to protect quarterbacks alone.

Jared Allen Reveals His Stance On Roughing the Passer Calls

Allen, 40, talked about how not being able to rattle a quarterback by hitting him definitely affects the outcomes of games. Bussin’ With The Boys co-host and current Titans OL Taylor Lewan asked Allen if he thinks landing on top of a QB with all your body weight is permissible, Allen quickly responded.

“One hundred percent,” the former defensive end said.

Allen still looked and sounded like he was in midseason form despite retiring seven years ago. Allen talked about the lack of toughness that he sees in modern-day quarterbacks.

“If [a defender] tackled the running back like [he did a quarterback], that’s fine. But you’re saying because it’s a quarterback?

He added: “Quarterback’s a bigger wuss than everybody else, right?”

Allen, whose famous sack celebration featured his iconic lasso move, continued: “It’s absolutely stupid.”

From his perspective, everyone who plays the inherently violent game of football—quarterbacks included—should equally take on the same safety risks. He doesn’t feel that your position should allow referees to officiate the game differently.

“Everybody needs to assume the risk. Everybody’s making a truckload of money,” Allen said. “We all sign the dotted line on that contract. Nobody goes into the NFL or plays football with the idea that they’re never going to get hurt. And if they do, they’re full of it, they’re liars.”

Allen then added: “The assumed risk is there. And you diminish the product, in my opinion, the more you try to oversight it, oversight it, oversight it.”