Former NFL Star Quarterback Brett Favre’s Daughter Hilariously Calls Him Out for Being Cheap

by Patrick Norton

With the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre earned more than $97 million. Over the course of his career with four teams, Favre made roughly $137 million. That only includes NFL contract earnings, too. But his bank account bursting at the seams isn’t preventing his daughter from calling her old man “cheap.”

On ABC’s reality show “Claim to Fame” – which features relatives of famous individuals attempting to hide their true identities – Brittany Favre shares, “My relative, regardless of like paycheck, is really cheap. He grew up with absolutely nothing.” The former quarterback grew up in a lower middle-class household in Gulfport, Mississippi. One of four kids to two schoolteachers, wealth became an unheard of escape.

But Brittany says her experiences with her father extend past a sense of being humble. Rather, Favre encroaches into “frugal” territory with one jaw-dropping tale of the former superstar’s ideals.

Favre says of her father, “So he had this old Chevy that he loved and the muffler fell off. He just chained it to the bumper. So my dad’s taking me to school, and so every time we hit a speed bump, there was this loud, horrible scraping sound and sparks flying in all directions. So by the time I get to the front of the line, they’re like, ‘Your dad can’t afford to fix his truck?'”

Another contestant tasked with identifying Brittany’s family already had an inkling about her true self. However, this conversation only reaffirmed the gut-feeling. The contestant proclaimed, “I still think it’s Brett Favre. I mean, from the South. You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy.”

Brett Favre’s Itch for the Spotlight Returning?

No, it doesn’t mean No. 4 is looking to unretire for a fourth time. But it certainly seems like Brett doesn’t want his daughter receiving all of the Favre family spotlight. The old gunslinger wants to scratch his broadcasting itch again. While his first soirée into the booth received moderate to negative feedback, Favre eyes calling games as his return to the game that made him famous enough to get his daughter on Claim to Fame.

But in saying that Favre would consider his options if called upon, the former quarterback maintains that it’s not necessarily on his bucket list. As networks constantly shuffled booths in the offseason, Favre’s name didn’t make its way into many conversations. But with Brittany putting Brett’s name into the public eye again, circumstances could change.