Former Second-Round Wide Receiver Denzel Mims Give New York Jets Ultimatum

by Patrick Norton

While the New York Jets struggle for relevancy in the AFC East, another challenge arises for the organization accustomed to putting out fires. Instead of focusing all available energy on the upcoming season, Denzel Mims is requiring special attention.

Two weeks from New York’s season-opening kickoff in the Meadowlands against the Baltimore Ravens, the team’s second-round selection in the 2020 NFL Draft is demanding his release of trade. Through a statement from Mims’ agent, Ron Slavin, the wide receiver is expressing a lacking love for The Big Apple.

Posted to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport’s Twitter, Slavin’s statement says, “It’s just time. Denzel tired in good faith, but it’s clear he does not have a future with the Jets.” Later, the agent says, “[Jets general manager] Joe Douglas has always done right by Denzel and we trust he will do everything in his power to find another team where Denzel can be a contributor.”

Mims’ production leaves fans and coaches alike searching for something better. The talented wide out thrived in college at Baylor, but the NFL adjustment has Mims lacking in health and targets. Over just 20 games and 11 starts in the league, the receiver boasts just 31 catches on 67 targets.

But it’s important to remember that Zach Wilson, Mike White, Joe Flacco and Sam Darnold were Mims’ quarterbacks. At just 24-years-old, there’s potential where Denzel Mims stands, but the clock is ticking.

If granted his release or traded for a late-round pick, many teams could express interest in Mims as a project. However, it’s not a guarantee that any spot can immediately hand the receiver a starting gig. His career’s stat line does not warrant that type of leverage.

Denzel Mims Not Only Source of Odd Reaction for Jets Fans

Robert Saleh only won four games in his freshman campaign as an NFL head coach. But the bar for head coaches for that franchise doesn’t extend extremely high. Two seasons of Adam Gase and four seasons of Todd Bowles is all that separated Saleh from the Rex Ryan era.

But while Ryan continues to lambast his former colleagues and teams throughout the league on ESPN’s NFL Sunday Countdown, the former coach is taking his talents on a new adventure. CBS’ The Amazing Race announced Ryan as a contestant on the 34th iteration of the show beginning in September.

It marks the most important venture for Ryan during the football season since New Yorkers actually expressed appreciation for the coach more than a decade ago. Maybe Mims can take advice from Ryan’s own experiences: it’s not always better when you leave the Jets.