Former Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell Loses to Uriah Hall in Pro Boxing Debut

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

In his pro boxing debut, Le’Veon Bell took a few hard hits and learned what it’s like to fight. He lost to Uriah Hall via unanimous decision. His opponent, Hall, was also in his debut. However, the winner of the fight is a former MMA fighter. The former NFL player couldn’t keep up.

As part of the main card for the Jake Paul and Anderson Silva fight, the former Pittsburgh Steeler put up a valiant effort. It was clear that Hall had the experience fighting compared to Le’Veon Bell. The unanimous decision made it clear how far apart these two fighters were over the course of just four rounds. 40-36.

This was a very weird fight for boxing fans to watch. Of course, the spectacle that is Jake Paul has brought a lot of strange moments to the sport. Le’Veon Bell might have knocked out fellow former NFL star Adrian Peterson via TKO, but things didn’t go his way on Saturday night.

Uriah Hall had the experience over the former Steeler and showed that he could hit harder, more accurately, and with more efficiency. Bell often dipped his head while throwing punches, and displayed poor defense throughout the fight. His face was swollen by the end of the fight.

However, it wasn’t all bad for Le’Veon. The former running back landed some hard hits and made Hall think twice about making certain moves. Neither fighter looked comfortable really and were both at times out of their element. But with all of the fighting experience that Uriah has had, he came out on top easily in this decision.

Le’Veon Bell Loses to Former UFC Hopeful

Le’Veon Bell fought a real fighter tonight, which is more than some could say on this card. If you saw that Dr. Mike fight, I’m so sorry. Uriah Hall was once an up-and-comer in the UFC ranks at the 185-pound division. However, things started to go off the rails throughout his career and he ultimately left MMA with an 18-11 record.

The fight tonight likely won’t be the last for either of these fighters. The new thing is to get into boxing.