Former Tennessee Football Coach Lane Kiffin Trolls Volunteers’ Baseball Team After Their Season-Ending Loss

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Leave it to Lane Kiffin to put a Twitter troll in his place. The Ole Miss head football coach totally owned a Tennessee fan that tried him on social media.

On Sunday, the Ole Miss baseball team defeated Southern Miss to clinch a spot in Omaha for the 2022 College World Series. Meanwhile, the No. 1 Vols suffered an extraordinary upset loss to Notre Dame in NCAA Super Regionals.

Kiffin is never one to shy away from a challenge. He quote-tweeted a Tennessee fan who tried to tease him about his son’s name, Knox. Of course, Kiffin has a history with the program. He was at the helm in Knoxville during the 2009 season before leaving for USC.

Kiffin definitely does not shy away from any challenge. He welcomes comments from anybody out there. But just know that if you mess will the bull, you will get the horns. Kiffin is absolutely a Twitter Hall of Famer.

The Yellow Golf Ball

Originally, Lane Kiffin teased Vols baseball fans for throwing a mustard bottle – rather than a golf ball – on the field after the umpire made a bad call.

Rewind to October 16, 2021, when Kiffin’s Rebels went into Neyland Stadium and defeated the Vols by a score of 31-26. At the end of the game, Tennessee fans threw objects at Kiffin as he left the field in triumph, including a yellow golf ball.

Then in the spring during Ole Miss’ baseball series against the Vols, Kiffin was asked to throw out the first pitch. Instead of a baseball, he pulled a yellow golf ball out of his pocket and threw that to the catcher.

The stunt did not equate to good results on the field, however, as No. 1 Tennessee swept the hosts in the weekend series. Still, Kiffin knows how to steal the show.