Former UFC Champ Chuck Liddell Files for Divorce Less Than a Week After Domestic Violence Arrest

by Madison Miller

Less than a week ago, former popular UFC sensation Chuck Liddell was arrested for domestic violence.

Police reported to Liddell’s home in Hidden Hills, California late on Monday night to investigate a reported “family disturbance.” After arriving on the scene, it was clear that there was some kind of physical altercation between Liddell and his wife.

As a result, Chuck Liddell was arrested at the scene and immediately charged with domestic battery. He was booked at the Lost Hills Sheriff Station but was released not long after on a $20,000 bond.

Chuck Liddell Files for Divorce After Domestic Dispute

Now, Liddell is taking legal action of his own. According to People, he is filing for divorce from his wife, Heidi, after the entire ordeal. The 51-year-old filed for the dissolution in Los Angeles Cort on Friday, October 15.

So far, the wrestler’s only comments have come from his social media account. He took to Instagram shortly after the incident to try to tell his side of the story. He wrote in part, “I was the victim of the incident last night at our family home, as details of the case will reveal. The deputies informed me that my wife would be arrested, as I did not respond to her assault while I sustained bruising and lacerations. I volunteered to go in her place.”

He turned off comments for his post, meaning it’s hard to gauge what his fans think of the entire situation. Liddell also revealed in his post that he has often tried to shield his family-related issues from the public eye.

“This was one of the many times I have tried to shield a family mental health issue from the public purview. It has become painfully apparent that this cannot continue, as our private life has now reached a public breaking point,” he also wrote in the post.

The divorce came very soon after this entire situation. He has filed that paperwork for “dissolution with minor children.” Chuck Liddell has four kids. Liddell has one kid with MMA fighter Casey Noland, a daughter named Trista. He also has a son named Cade from a different prior relationship.

Personal Life and Fighting Career

He has a daughter named Guinevere that was born in 2011 with his wife Heidi. The two also have a son named Charles David Liddell Jr. that was born in 2013. Heidi and Chuck got engaged back in 2010.

Chuck Liddell has been retired from fighting since 2010. He came out of retirement very briefly for a third fight against Tito Ortiz. He lost in a first-round knockout and swiftly returned to retirement.

Liddell is often credited for helping to bring MMA into the mainstream sports world. He is also a member of the UFC Hall of Fame since 2009. He is known as “The Iceman” from his days in the ring. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion made his debut in 1998.

In the UFC Liddell had a 21-8-0 record.