Fox Says Tom Brady is Working on an Upcoming ‘Project’: ‘Yes, That Tom Brady’

by Joe Rutland

It appears that winning another Super Bowl might lead Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady into having his own television series.

While no concrete show idea has been announced, Fox let the news out of the bag during a Monday presentation, according to an article from Deadline.

Tom Brady on Fox? Well, why not. Fox Sports carries the NFC conference games during the National Football League season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a team in the NFC. Tom Brady plays for the Bucs. It’s a natural tie-in between Brady and the network.

Tom Brady Broadcasting Deal Remains Vague According To Fox CEO

“We also have an unscripted project with Tom Brady,” Charlie Collier, CEO of Fox Entertainment, said. “Yes, that Tom Brady.” Collier, though, didn’t offer any further details. The project between Brady and Fox is being done through Brady’s 199 Productions.

Now Brady’s longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski hosted a game show on CBS called “Game On!” Again, there’s no clarity on what type of show will involve Tom Brady.

When will the project be fully revealed? No one knows other than Fox and Brady. But the fact that Brady is actually discussing a show of some type with Fox is interesting. Football fans will have to wait and see how it goes down.

Meanwhile, Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will be anxiously waiting to see Tom Brady hit Raymond James Stadium next season.

Hall of Famer Montana Makes It Clear That Brady Is Tops

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is a winner. He proved it on the field many times with the San Francisco 49ers, winning Super Bowls with late head coach Bill Walsh.

Montana apparently was willing to give Tom Brady his full due, if you will, as the “Greatest of All Time.”

Well, he’s put all of that chatter on silent mode now.

“Oh, I think Tom has taken his place on the top up there a long time ago,” Montana said during an appearance on ESPN. “So, he’s had a tremendous career, he’s fun to watch. But if you look at what Tom’s been able to accomplish in his time that he’s played, I think it puts him definitely up there in the top of the list.”

Fans from the East Coast, specifically from New England and Tampa Bay, will debate with the West Coast’s 49ers fans. But Montana put his two cents in around the ongoing discussion.

Don’t expect his words or statements to put an end to this barstool debate now or, well, ever.