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George Foreman Offers to Train Nate Robinson for Potential Jake Paul Boxing Rematch

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman is offering to train Nate Robinson if the former NBA star is willing to get back into the ring.

Robinson was brutally knocked out in the second round of a fight recently when he faced off against YouTube celebrity Jake Paul.

Foreman told TMZ that he could make Robinson a more formidable fighter.

“[Jake Paul] had too much talent for Nate Robinson,” Foreman told the website. “I’d like to get Nate down here for a few weeks and train him and get a rematch.”

Many people hope he’ll never fight again but not Foreman. The 71-year-old former champ thinks he can make Robinson better. He even believes he could make Robinson good enough to beat Paul in a rematch.

“I can turn him into a 5, 6 round fighter in no-time flat. Make him do what I say,” Foreman said. “He may not want to box again, but I wouldn’t want him to leave without doing a better show than he put on. You don’t wanna go on like that.”

Foreman also complimented Paul’s physique and technique. “The guy’s obviously been in the gym,” Foreman said.

George Foreman Critiques The Fight

The bout started out bad for Robinson. Jake Paul landed three hard punches at the outset. Robinson, who had no experience as a boxer, tried to use his athleticism to overpower Paul’s attacks. It didn’t work as Robinson more-or-less charged at Paul or more often, Paul’s fist, without putting up any defense.

However, Paul only landed eight punches during the two short rounds. But it was an overhand right that connected with Robinson’s chin and put him out on the floor.

Robinson’s knockout immediately became a meme, and since the Nov. 28 under-card fight, he’s been a bit of a joke online and even among his fellow athletes.

Foreman doesn’t think that’s fair. He’s angry at whoever taught Robinson strategy.

“He’s a great basketball player, he just didn’t know what he was doing,” Foreman told TMZ. “I don’t know who put him in there just charging like that.”

Paul now has a 2-0 record in the ring.