Georgia Bulldogs: Top Parking Spots in Athens on Gameday

by Dustin Schutte

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Finding a parking spot on gameday in Athens can be a real headache. It’s a necessary evil before heading into Sanford Stadium to see the Bulldogs in action. But we’re here to ease the parking burden for you on those autumn Saturdays.

We talked with Wes BlankenshipJake Reuse and Palmer Thombs of Dawgs HQ to get insight on some of the top parking areas on gameday. There is no shortage of options.

Before diving in, you can get familiar with the University of Georgia’s gameday parking map, provided on the school’s website. The university also updated its traffic-flow information, giving you plenty of helpful tips during your visit to Athens.

Free Parking

The best things in life are free! That rings true during a Georgia home game, too. Parking on gameday can be painful, both on your mind and your wallet. If you’re looking for some free options within walking distance to Sanford Stadium, you’re in luck.

There are free parking spots scattered across UGA’s campus. Most of those are located on East Campus, close to the Ramsey Center, per the school’s website.

East Village Parking Deck

  • Location: 316 River Rd.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 1 mile (20-minute walk)
  • Price: FREE
  • Website

If you’re looking for a free spot within a mile walk of Sanford Stadium, the East Village Parking Deck is a great spot. You’ll want to arrive early, though, because it fills up quickly.

Intramural Field Parking Deck & Intramural Fields

  • Location: 101 Lake Herrick Dr.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 1.4 miles (28-minute walk)
  • Price: FREE
  • Website

The parking deck at the intramural fields is a lengthier walk but provides another free option for Dawg fans. If the garage fills up, parking then spills over onto the fields.

Single Game Parking Passes

For those heading to Athens once, maybe twice, but not attending every Dawgs home game, finding a single-game pass might be right up your alley. There are plenty of places to park close to the stadium without purchasing a season-long pass.

The Classic Center Parking Deck

  • Location: 300 N. Thomas St.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 0.5 miles (10-minute walk)
  • Price: $50 (single game pass)
  • Website

If downtown parking is your preferred choice, the Classic Center Parking Deck is a great option. It’s close to the restaurants, bars and shops in Athens, plus it’s just a short walk to Sanford Stadium. This is a pretty costly venture, though. Hey, the good spots don’t come cheap! Be advised, you’ll have to prepay and reserve a spot, too.

Campus View Church

  • Location: 1360 S Lumpkin St.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 0.8 miles (16-minute walk)
  • Price: $40 (single game pass)/ $180 (season pass)
  • Website

If you’re looking for a single-game pass, $40 is the price tag. Campus View Church also offers season-long passes, providing Dawgs fans with options. One stipulation to this location — Alcohol is prohibited. You’ve been warned.

Health & Visitor’s Center

  • Location: 280 E. Dougherty St.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 0.9 miles (18-minute walk)
  • Price: $20 (single game pass)
  • Website

Another solid option for single-game goers. The Health and Visitor’s Center lot comes in at $20 and provides a great location on gameday.

Animal Dairy Sciences Lot

  • Location: 425 River Rd.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium:1.2 miles (24-minute walk)
  • Price: $20 (single game pass)
  • Website

The UGA website named the Animal Dairy Sciences Lot as one of the locations to park at a relatively low rate. $20 gets you within a 25-minute walk of Sanford Stadium.

East Campus Deck

  • Location: 316 River Rd.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 1 mile (20-minute walk)
  • Price: $23 (single game pass)
  • Website

Those looking to avoid some of the heavier flows of traffic might find some comfort in parking in the East Campus Deck. You’re still located within a mile of Sanford Stadium, as well.

Season Passes

Georgia season-ticket holders who don’t have a parking pass through UGA still have options. You don’t have to rely on single-game parking prices and hassle, either. A handful of locations offer season-long packages for the football season.

First Christian Church

  • Location: 268 W Dougherty St.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 0.9 miles (18-minute walk)
  • Price: $220 (season pass)
  • Website

For season-ticket holders, a spot at First Christian Church is one of the cheaper options (at least on this list). At just under $40 per game, you’ll get great access to downtown Athens, portions of the lot are shaded and you’re within 20 minutes of Sanford Stadium.

First Baptist Church

  • Location: 355 Pulaski St.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 0.9 miles (19-minute walk)
  • Price: $240 (season pass)
  • Website

If you like the amenities from First Christian Church, First Baptist Church basically provides all the same. This spot is near places like Trappeze Pub, Creature Comforts, Dawg Gone Good BBQ and plenty more historic Athens bars and restaurants. The price for a season-long pass comes out to $40 per game.

First Presbyterian Church

  • Location: 185 E Hancock Ave.
  • Distance to Sanford Stadium: 0.9 miles (16-minute walk)
  • Price: $300 (season pass)
  • Website

First Presbyterian Church puts you in the heart of downtown Athens on gameday. It provides UGA fans with multiple parking entrances and has two-level parking — so you can pick a spot in a covered or uncovered area. It’s also a reasonable walk to Sanford Stadium, approximately 15 minutes. The additional amenities come with an additional cost, too.

More Things to Know

In addition to the parking locations mentioned above, there are plenty of garages located throughout downtown Athens where parking can be a possibility. You can also inquire about parking passes through the University of Georgia’s Athletics Department.

Here are a few important things to know before you go to Sanford Stadium (from UGA’s website):

  • All school parking lots and decks will open beginning at 7 a.m. the day of kickoff
  • Cash will NOT be accepted at parking lots
  • The school prohibits parking on landscaped areas, sidewalks and grass, unless advised by UGA personnel
  • Illegally parked vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense