Georgia Football Announces That Zaxby’s Ice Will Be Available at Games This Year

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

University of Georgia’s Athletics Department announced on Wednesday (August 25th) that Zaxbys ice will officially be served during the upcoming college football season. 

“Keep cool this season with Zaxby’s, the official ice of the Georgia Bulldogs,” the University of Georgia Athletic Department shared on Twitter. 

Followers of the Twitter account shared some enthusiasm for the decision to have Zaxbys ice at the University’s Sanford Stadium. One Twitter user tweets, “Zaxbys got the best ice in the WORLD!”

Zaxby’s responded to the tweet by writing, “And now Sanford does too.”

University of Georgia’s Bulldogs is set to kick off their football season on September 4th. The team will go head to head against Clemson University.

University of Georgia’s Football Players Talk Upcoming Season 

During a recent interview, University of Georgia defensive back Christopher Smith shares his thoughts about fellow defensive back, Derion Kendrick and Kelee Ringo. “DK has been a great player for us. He is very locked in at practice and does not take a day off.”

About Ringo, the Georgia player also says, “Kelee has grown a lot. He has been locked in on his coverage. Fix on the run, tackling, and everything like that. Just like the rest of our freshmen.”

Smith further proclaims that the Georgia freshmen have grown a lot in both spring and fall camp. He also says he has full confidence in them also. In regards to preparing for the upcoming Clemson game, Smith adds, “We all know Clemson is a great team. They have a lot of good players. But so do we. We focus on ourselves and how we are able to get better. When the time comes, we will put a game plan together for Clemson.”

Offensive Line’s Justin Shaffer also spoke about the expectations for the line this season. “One of our main expectations is just to not turn the ball over. Work together as an offensive and play together as an offense.”

The Georgia Bulldog also said that the line is also just not focusing for Clemson, but for everyone this upcoming season. “We still have work we have to do as a team offensively and defensively. Clemson is not our main focus, but us working on each other is our main focus.”

At the Bulldogs Predicted to Beat Clemson This Year?

According to PFF, the latest prediction is that Clemson will beat Georgia by double-digits during the first game of the season. The outlet reported that while Georgia has a talented team and does deserve a top-five ranking, Clemson is set up far better for early success. 

The outlet does note the Bulldogs are going against Clemson without tight end Darnell Washington and defender Tykee Smith.