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Georgia’s Nakobe Dean Accidentally Given ‘Alabama National Champs’ Hat After Win

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

Though it started out a bit slow, the Georgia Bulldogs were finally able to take a win from the Alabama Crimson Tide last night. The occasion was definitely worth celebrating, but it appears amid the excitement, there was a bit of a mixup. After the game, Georgia’s Nakobe Dean ended up with the wrong National Championship hat.

Imagine winning the championship for the first time in a little over 40 years just to be given the wrong hat afterward. That was Nakobe Dean’s reality, though luckily it was short-lived. After the game concludes, players receive celebratory shirts and hats. However, somehow, officials gave Dean an Alabama National Championship hat, as opposed to the Georgia one, On3 reports. ESPN also caught the error and posted Dean in all his glory on Twitter.

Dean came to the game ready to play too. Serving as one of the best players this season and not just for Georgia, he won the Butkus Award. Sports analysts also have him as an easy first-round pick in the 2022 NFL draft, meaning the future is looking good for him.

On the subject of the hat though, fortunately, the situation worked itself out. Dean took to Twitter to show that he eventually did get the hat situation figured out. He also seemed to take the whole thing in stride, joking about it on social media.

Honestly, I’m just wondering if they let him keep the Alabama hat for posterity at this point. Or, you know, a trophy of sorts.

Georgia Fan Reflected on Watching Last National Championship Win When He Was 10 Years Old

The Georgia Bulldogs losing streak finally came to an end regarding the National Championships after more than 40 long years. Fans have a lot to celebrate now and before the game even began, a Georgia hopeful reflected on watching his team’s last win when he was 10 years old.

Watching Georgia’s last win in 1980, Billy Copeland went into the game hoping to see another and talked about it to 11 Alive. Back in 1980, his parents realized it would be cheaper to buy extra tickets and take him to games rather than pay a babysitter. This proved to work out in his favor as the Bulldogs won the National Championships that year. Unfortunately, they haven’t done so until now, but Copeland thinks that will change.

“Just an incredible experience for sure,” he said about the 1980 game. “I remember these Notre Dame fans were standing around us and they were so cocky. They weren’t being ugly necessarily, but they were just so confident they were gonna beat us.”