Georgia OL Tate Ratledge Has a National Championship-Worthy Mullet and Stache

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

We need to give Georgia offensive lineman Tate Ratledge some love for keeping his incredible National Championship mullet and ‘Stache this season.

The 6-foot-6, 320-pound stud undoubtedly has one of the best looks in the sport.

While he couldn’t play most of the season because of a Sept. 4 foot injury, we expect to see him back in the thick of things next season. Probably, the Rome, Ga. native still be rocking that great look.

Clearly, Tate Ratledge knows what he’s doing. The player has over 9,000 Twitter followers.

To go from the short-haired, clean-shaven look to his magnificent mustache and mullet is a sight to behold.

The Mulleted Path To Georgia

Some legends begin at home, and this Georgia native knew he wouldn’t have to go far to find success on the gridiron.

According to BroBible, Ratledge was a four-star prospect. The websites had him as the third-best offensive tackle nationally and the 38th-ranked overall recruit in the nation. With that kind of fanfare, SEC schools wanted Ratledge badly. But the young man knew he was a Bulldog.

Did we mention he hit the weights hard and is lightning quick on the field? Search for the player, and you’ll see him lift with the greatest of ease. Sure, it was pre-mullet times, but defenders couldn’t wait to stop seeing him on the field.

Ratledge redshirted in 2020 as a freshman and started at right guard before his unexpected exit.

Legendary Mullets Of All Time

Before all is seen and done, Ratledge will be among the top mullets of college football history. Outside of the sport, there have been more than a handful of top stars with the hairdo.

Larry Bird, Brian Bosworth, The Undertaker, your favorite NASCAR driver, and Dan McGwire (you know, Mark McGwire’s brother) are just a few guys who had a look during their sports careers. Sure, there are more than a few tough-looking hockey players (Patrick Kane, etc.) that you can put in that group.

But the mullet and the mustache reign supreme in college sports.

Take Oklahoma State coach Mike “I’m a Man” Gundy. The top man at Oklahoma State is famous for his mullet. He claimed not to want to make a big deal about it, but most head coaches know they have to look to sell recruits.

According to the Pistols Firing blog, he showed up for Big 12 Media Days sans mullet without the hairdo. When asked why he cut the mullet, he said he didn’t want another haircut until the season’s end. He feigned ignorance, saying he didn’t think it would be a “big deal anymore,” yet still gets “a lot of questions about it.” 

We can only hope Ratledge doesn’t have his power taken from him by some co-ed named Delilah from an opposing SEC school one day.