Georgia Wide Receiver Suffers Gruesome Injury Against Florida, Twitter in Shock

by Chris Haney

On Saturday afternoon, Georgia Bulldogs wide receiver Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint suffered a horrifying ankle injury during their SEC matchup against the Florida Gators.

Firstly, Josemy-Jacksaint somehow finished the Bulldogs drive scoring a touchdown to put Georgia up 14-0 in the 1st quarter. However, as the wide receiver fell into the end zone, his ankle turned at a gruesome 90-degree angle.

Team medics carted the freshman receiver off the field following the play. This was Rosemy-Jacksaint’s first chance to step up in a big divisional SEC game against #8 Florida. The game featured a Top 10 matchup since Georgia is ranked No. 5 on the season. The freshman pulled in the 32-yard touchdown before the unfortunate ankle injury.

In the footage of the play, Rosemy-Jacksaint catches the football in the middle of the field around the 15-yard line. Then, he breaks upfield toward the end zone running by one player. A second Gators defender attempts to tackle him. But, the defender hits Rosemy-Jacksaint low on his right foot as the receiver breaks into the end zone. However, Rosemy-Jacksaint immediately grabs his leg as his ankle dangles to the side. Then, to make matters worse, his Bulldogs teammate is clueless about the injury and runs on top of him to celebrate.

Georgia Player’s Injury Horrifies Twitter Users Who Wish Him a Speedy Recovery

In fact, social media is already going crazy with reactions over the gruesome injury. Further, pictures and videos, along with college football fans’ reactions, are already trending on Twitter.

Additionally, most college football fans are reacting exactly like you would expect them to after seeing Rosemy-Jacksaint’s ankle. As some fans are pointing out, it’s indeed tough to watch.

Some don’t ever want to see the replay of the horrific injury ever again, and for good reason.

In addition, many Twitter users said prayers and wished the wide receiver well following the likely season-ending injury.