Giants HC Brian Daboll Unloads on Ref During Cowboys Game, NFL World Weighs In

by Suzanne Halliburton
Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Maybe it’s best that we can’t read Brian Daboll’s lips. The head coach of the New York Giants wasn’t pleased with an early call from the officials.

And that’s a nice way of saying that a very passionate Brian Daboll blew a gasket. His poor headset paid a high price. And his reaction was a gift to all NFL fans who were watching the Giants and Cowboys as their Thanksgiving football treat. So gif away.

What had captured Daboll’s ire? With the Giants head coach, does it matter? The officials had just negated a Giants touchdown. Daniel Jones dumped the ball to receiver Isaiah Hodgins, who raced 24 yards to the end zone. However, the ref called the Giants for an ineligible receiver downfield. An offensive lineman had strayed too far up field, so no TD.

Cue the Brian Daboll anger. And the officials then just piled on later in the drive. Jones was flagged for intentional grounding. And, officials called an illegal shift. Dallas accepted the grounding and declined the other flag. The Giants settled for a 57-yard field goal to take an early, 3-0 lead at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

One fan called on a satire account to set Daboll straight on the ways of working the refs.

“ThreeYearLetterman should tell Coach Daboll that unless you are chest bumping the official and calling him “F**king Ref,” they’ll never listen or succumb to your will. He just looks like a goateed baby.”

An NFL parody account gave some bad advice: “Find yourself someone who looks at you the way Brian Daboll looks at Refs.” (Please don’t. In fact, do the opposite).

Then there were other fans who took note of Daboll’s shaved head. (Kind of adds to the mystique when he screams at the refs). “Why Brian Daboll look like doctor eggman?”

But we should note that Giants fans love Brian Daboll, their 47-year-old first-year head coach. The Giants are 7-3 and taking on the Cowboys, also 7-3. In 2021, the Giants struggled to win four games.

New York quarterback Daniel Jones also has turned into a very effective player. So the Cowboys-Giants game meant something. Basically, Giants fans are in love with the new coach.