Giants Punter Jamie Gillan Got Stuck in London Due To Strange Passport Issue

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Vincent Mignott/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

The Giants went to London, got the W, and then lost their punter for a few days. Jamie Gillan had some passport issues. On the way back from the NFL game in London, Gillan was held due to the fact that he was born in Scotland and was brought to the United States on a NATO visa.

Somewhere along the way, after Jamie Gillan turned 18, he should have changed the designation of his visa to a work visa. Things like this happen, it’s just a shame that it happened to “The Scottish Hammer.” The rest of the Giants made it home soon after the game on Sunday, but their punter did not.

Jamie Gillan Home After Visa Mix Up

Thankfully, early in the afternoon on Wednesday, Gillan was put on a plane and was able to come home to New York. That was a little bit of an anxiety-inducing situation I’m sure not just for Gillan but also the Giants. They had plans to move forward without their punter.

While the Giants didn’t want to, they thought about signing a new punter for the upcoming game on Sunday. The special teams unit was behind their starter the whole way. Even when it seemed this could be an extended stay in London for Gillan, they had some shirts made up to lighten the situation.

Jamie Gillan was a punter with Arkansas-Pine Bluff in college. There, he averaged 42.2 yards per punt and only started playing football when he was in high school. He moved with his father to Maryland in 2013 as a military family with the Royal Air Force. Ever since he started kicking, it’s just been uphill from there.

Despite not being drafted in 2019, as not many punters are, and he has made a career for himself. He kicked with the Cleveland Browns from 2019-2021. He then spent some time with the Buffalo Bills on their off-season squad before joining the Giants in 2022. It’s gone well so far.

Thank goodness that this situation was sorted out. Jamie Gillan will be booting balls this Sunday as the Giants take on the Baltimore Ravens.