Giants Xavier McKinney Fires Back at Skip Bayless After Beating Cowboys

by Katie Maloney

New York Giants rookie Xavier McKinney gets Twitter revenge after being trolled by sports columnist, Skip Bayless.

In April of last year, Bayless took to Twitter to express his gratitude to the Giants for drafting McKinney. Bayless, a Cowboys fan said, “Glad the Giants took the Bama safety, Xavier McKinney. I did not want the Cowboys to take.” Eight months later, McKinney made Bayless eat his words when he recorded his first career interception in Sunday’s win over the Dallas Cowboys. The interception helped solidify the Giants’ 23-19 win that is keeping the Giants’ playoff hopes alive. 

McKinney dug up Bayless’s old Tweet for some good ole’ Twitter revenge. McKinney cleverly replied “Happy belated New Year’s Skip” along with a winky face emoji.

Fans loved the Tweet adding their own thoughts to the battle. One fan wrote “Why would you not want a Bama player who’s been prepped for every situation possible. Best coach and scheme in college.”

Another wrote “Congratulations Skip. It’s been 25 years since the Cowboys won a super bowl. lmao.”

Another fan posted a meme of a highway sign that made fun of the Cowboys.

‘I Just Love Making Plays’ Xavier McKinney During First Interview As A Giant

McKinney was drafted to the New York Giants in Spring 2020. During his first interview as a member of the team, McKinney described what we loved most about the sport.

“I just love making plays,” says McKinney. “I try to go out there every time and make my team better, I try to put us in the best possible positions that we can be in as a team. And I just like making plays for my team, for my coaches,” he says.

Even after a year with the team, it seems like McKinney hasn’t lost that attitude. With, arguably, the game-winning play, McKinney definitely made a play for his team and coaches. With the Superbowl just over a month away, McKinney and the Giants will take any play they can get that brings them closer to the championship.