Golden State Warriors Fans Continue to Heckle Charles Barkley, Throw T-Shirt at Him

by Tyler Mansfield

Charles Barkley just can’t get on the good side of Golden State Warriors fans. Ever since the Inside the NBA talent picked the Dallas Mavericks to beat the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Golden State’s faithful has been letting Barkley hear it. How can you blame them after the dominant series Golden State put together?

The Warriors went to work on Thursday night and recorded a 120-110 win over Dallas to earn the series win, 4-1. Following Golden State’s victory, Inside the NBA‘s postgame show took place outside of the Chase Center with many Warriors fans present. With Barkley on the set in the very right chair, those in the crowd were “booing” the TV analyst – and loudly. That’s not all the fans did, though.

As was captured on TNT’s broadcast, Warriors fans took their heckling to the extreme – going as far as to throwing T-shirts at him while he was sitting on Inside the NBA‘s stage. One throw by someone in the crowd even hit Barkley in the head, and he didn’t like that one bit. After being hit by the flying shirt, Chuck stood up, turned to the crowd and acted like he was going to throw something back at them. He ultimately sat back down in his chair with a grin on his face.

Barkley – known for not caring what he says or does while on TV – appeared to have a lot of fun pestering Warriors fans over the past couple weeks. After originally saying that the Mavericks would win Game 1 because of star guard Luka Dončić, Chuck then shared that he hated Golden State fans prior to Game 2. That gave Thursday night’s crowd the perfect opportunity to clap back at him.

Steph Curry, Warriors Looking Ahead to NBA Finals

After their impressive series win over the Dallas Mavericks, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are now getting set for the upcoming NBA Finals. While the series won’t begin until June 2, Steve Kerr’s team now has plenty of time to rest up and prepare for their Finals opponent – which will either be the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics.

Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals will take place tonight at 7:30 p.m. CT, with the Celtics looking to take the series win. No matter who ends up coming out of the East, they’ll be tasked with facing a red-hot Warriors squad that’s led by Curry – who’s averaging 25.9 points per game through the playoffs.