Golden State Warriors’ NBA Championship Celebration Featured a Pet Goat Wearing a Steph Curry Jersey, Klay Thompson Losing His Hat, And More

by Patrick Norton

Defeating the Boston Celtics in six games after trailing in the series 2-1 to clinch the franchise’s fourth title in eight seasons is certainly cause for raucous celebration. For the Golden State Warriors, the fourth means as much as the first, and the ongoing party in San Francisco contains all the proof necessary.

Upon winning his first NBA Finals MVP, Warriors guard Steph Curry felt the release of the built-up pressure of the team’s struggles since its last Finals appearance in 2019. Now the city and franchise return to a state of jubilation, parading another Larry O’Brien Trophy through the streets of San Francisco.

While most of the fans in attendance for Monday’s festivities were human, not every creature qualified for the specification. Spotted on the route was a goat donning a Steph Curry jersey, referencing the future Hall of Fame-bound point guard as the greatest of all time.

The goat’s depiction of the G.O.A.T wasn’t the last straw of wild adventures. Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson lost his official championship hat on a boat ride en route to the parade, but emerged a sea captain:

Following the parade and subsequent rally, the party animals – not including the actual goat – took to a local club where Curry and his teammates danced the night away. Golden State’s jamboree rivals any post-championship celebration imaginable.

Why Does Four Mean More For The Golden State Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors don’t reign supreme in the NBA without Steph Curry. However, Curry’s performances in championship-clinching series often took the backseat to another star’s game. In 2015, Finals MVP honors went to Warriors forward Andre Iguodala. In 2017 and 2018, Kevin Durant took home the award.

But it’s always been Curry’s team. Head coach Steve Kerr recognizes that, describing an earlier conversation with Iguodala following the achieving victory on Thursday night: “All we could say to each other is, ‘We gotta do this for Steph.’ This is for Steph.”

Following the departure of Durant, two season-killing injuries for Klay Thompson, and a steep decline to the bottom of the league for a season, Curry brought the Golden State Warriors back to the promised land. When everybody assumed the dynasty’s reign of terror was over, the 34 year-old put an end to any doubt pertaining to the guard’s closing ability.

Now, he has an NBA Finals MVP Trophy to prove it.