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Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry Refuses to Say if Drake ‘Tore His ACL’ When Star Visited Toronto

by Chris Haney
Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

During a recent interview with COMPLEX, Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry wouldn’t divulge any information on whether or not rapper Drake tore his ACL while the two played pickup basketball.

In a wide-ranging interview, Curry touched on numerous subjects. The All-Star talked about hanging out with Drake, his rivalry with LeBron James, and the upcoming season. In addition, he spoke about his new line with Under Armour called Curry Brand.

A few months ago, Curry joined Drake in Toronto and cameras captured the two celebrities during a shootaround. Curry visited Drake at his new mansion in Canada and the pair played basketball on the rapper’s new OVO court.

Subsequently, news broke of Drake tearing his ACL and internet sleuths went to work. Rumors flew around online that Curry likely took Drake to school while playing. Many think Curry’s insane handles are likely responsible for Drake’s torn ACL. Curry’s dribbling skills are well-known, so it didn’t seem like the craziest assumption.

The subject came up during the recent interview, but Curry basically laughed it off. Additionally, it sounds like he’s leaving it up to Drake to answer any questions about the rumor.

“Maybe it might show up in [Drake’s] new album coming out,” Curry joked of the incident. “We’ll see if he drops a lyric or a line or something on what actually happened.”

Steph Curry Launches His Own Brand Called ‘Curry Brand’

As the three-time NBA champion starts his 12th season in the league, he’s looking to build a sustainable “ecosystem.”

“I think if you see everything that I do, there’s a rhyme or reason for it,” Steph Curry explains. “And I think that connecting the dots – you call it the empire, I call it the ecosystem – of everything that we have going on, that it’s all about amplifying the platform for impact.”

Following the likes of NBA legend Michael Jordan, Curry hopes to build a long-lasting athletic brand that can have a similar impact. Jordan originally signed to Nike before branching out with his own Jordan Brand within the Nike umbrella. Likewise, Curry has followed suit with Curry Brand backed by his longtime sponsor Under Armour.

However, the new venture is a purpose-led performance brand. Its mission is to make sure every young person has equitable access to sports within their communities. Curry says his new brand is about giving back to the youth and building Curry Brand brick by brick.

“The brand is about finding people that are looking out for the person to their left and to their right. They feel a responsibility and a mission to do good in the world, no matter what it is,” Curry says of the brand.

Curry Brand is set to release later this week, and Curry’s new signature performance basketball shoes will launch on Dec. 11.