Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry Unsurprisingly Drains Shot After Shot In 3-Point Shootout at Amusement Park

by Patrick Norton

When it comes to wild shot-making ability, nobody in NBA history compares to Steph Curry. The Warriors guard brings a Harlem Globetrotters-esque flair to the professional scene, spurring the growth of the three-pointer league-wide. But the game of the two-time MVP is essentially impossible to replicate.

With a fourth championship under his belt following Golden State’s trouncing of the Boston Celtics in this month’s Finals, Curry’s not slowing down in the league’s downtime. Video captures the point guard getting in an early offseason workout – at an amusement park, draining three after three.

The grind never ends for the four-time champion, and adding his first Finals MVP trophy to his extensive collection of impressive accolades isn’t dampening his desire for greatness. But it doesn’t mean the journey to legendary status can’t involve a few laughs along the way.

Steph Curry-Dressed Goat? Steph Curry-Dressed Goat.

Golden State’s celebration after the franchise’s championship-clinching victory in Boston in Game 6 is not over. With an apparent sense that this title supersedes the emotionality of the previous two in 2017 and 2018, it warrants the raucous partying.

When Kevin Durant left the Bay Area for Brooklyn in 2019, and with superstar guard Klay Thompson sidelined with two separate catastrophic injuries in consecutive seasons, Golden State’s drop to bottom-of-the-barrel in a rapidly evolving league brought plenty of doubt to the future of the Warriors’ dynasty.

A win one week ago places Curry and Thompson atop the NBA mountaintop once more – an achievement not lost on Warriors fans. At the team’s victory parade through San Francisco earlier this week, one fan creatively brought a goat in full Steph Curry garb.

Calling Curry the greatest of all time – or G.O.A.T. – might be a stretch, but the fan’s dedication to displaying proper appreciation for the guard makes them the G.O.A.T. as it pertains to parade celebrations.