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Golf Fan Earns Own Ad, Merchandise Deal with Michelob Ultra After Going Viral at 2022 PGA Championship

by Bryan Fyalkowski
Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

In this day and age, anybody can become a social media star. This week following his appearance in the background of a photo taken at the 2022 PGA Championship, a man named “Mark” is getting his 15 minutes of fame.

During Friday’s round at Southern Hills Country Club, a photo was taken of Tiger Woods hitting out of the rough. In the background are dozens of fans filming the scene with their cell phones and one other man watching with no cell phone, holding a Michelob Ultra instead.

The photo – taken by Ross Kinnaird for Getty Images – went viral all over social media. Within a few days, Michelob Ultra got in touch with Mark and he has since reached a deal with the beer company.

First came a 15-second commercial spot featuring the original photo.

“Some legends play in the moment,” the text overlaid as the commercial began with Woods hitting the shot. “Some live in it,” it said as the clip panned over to Mark.

Next came the merchandise. Michelob Ultra created a t-shirt and cap available for purchase in the official shop. It has a cut-out photo of Mark – now known as “The Michelob Guy” – and the tagline “IT’S ONLY WORTH IT IF YOU ENJOY IT” underneath.

Available on, the t-shirt and cap each run for $25. The brand says any fan who wears the gear at a golf event has the chance to win some free beer.

Absurd Concession Prices? So What!

There were big headlines prior to Thursday’s opening round once a photo of the absurd concession prices hit the social media sites. A 25-ounce beer or seltzer was running from $15-$19, depending on the brand. Michelob Ultra was listed at $18 a pop.

It is unknown what kind of royalty deal Mark has received for Michelob Ultra using his likeness. Even though the beer might have cost a hefty $18, turning it into a merchandise deal seems like a pretty good trade.