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Golf Legend Fred Couples Calls Phil Mickelson a ‘Nutbag,’ Slams LIV Golf

by Sam Gillenwater
Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson
Christian Petersen | Getty Images - Luke Walker | WME IMG | WME IMG via Getty Images

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between some members of the PGA Tour and those who chose to join the LIV Golf Tour. That seems especially true for Fred Couples based on his recent name-calling of Phil Mickelson and his latest criticisms of the members of the Saudi Arabian golf tour.

Within his comments, while speaking in Newport Beach ahead of the Hoag Classic, Couples referred to Mickelson as a ‘nutbag’ several times. In general, though, he just wants the deserters to keep the PGA’s name out of their mouths.

“I don’t have a problem with LIV,” said Couples. “What my problem has been, when I tweet every now and then, is what these guys say when they go to the LIV Tour.”

“Just go to the LIV Tour, but stop blasting something I’ve been a part of for 42 years,” Fred Couples added. “That’s my problem with (the LIV golfers). They’re all bashing the PGA Tour and that affects me a little bit.”

While he referred to Mickelson as a ‘nutbag’, Couples did say that the three-time Master’s winner is ‘probably one of the 10 best players that ever played’ plus saying he ‘still likes Phil’.

Even so, continued controversy and these wars of words should only make the Champions Dinner at Augusta National next month that much juicier. Now, all we can hope for is that Fred Couples and Phil Mickelson manage to end up seated next to one another.

The Masters Reveals Menu for Scottie Scheffler’s Champions Dinner

One of the best weekends of the year is nearly upon us, with The Masters taking place Easter weekend. A way to sense golf’s most famous tournament is approaching is by the Champions Dinner being revealed. Defending Scottie Scheffler released his menu, having quite the lineup prepared for past winners.

Three incredible starters will be available, with Cheeseburger Sliders being the most interesting. Champions will see them served “Scottie-Style”, presumably the way Scheffler enjoys creating his. Shrimp and tortilla soup will be an option as well, providing a different flair.

Moving onto the main course, where Scheffler will be getting back to his Dallas roots with a Texas Ribeye steak. There will be a seafood choice for those attending too. But with everything being bigger in Texas, they would be missing out by turning down a steak.

Nothing looks better than the dessert, though. It’s tough to beat a warm chocolate chip cookie in a skillet, especially with some milk on the side.