Golf Legends Jack Nicklaus and John Daly Reveal Their Picks for Super Bowl LV Winner

by Quentin Blount

Two of golf’s most legendary to ever do it have officially revealed who they think will come home as winners in Super Bowl LV. Jack Nicklaus and John Daly may not agree on the outcome, but they both have their reasons as to why they made their picks.

We’re just a day out from Super Bowl LV, but we now know who Nicklaus and Daly think is going to come away with the Lombardi Trophy.

Of course, we all know by now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will be facing off in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, February 7th, at 6:30 p.m. EST. After winning their respective conference championships, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will lead their dynamic offenses in what should be an incredible Super Bowl matchup.

As for Jack Nicklaus? Well, he took to social media to say that he’s an “AFC guy.” He is picking the Kansas City Chiefs in the big game.

“I’m an AFC guy—always have been—so I am going with the Chiefs, even though I have enormous respect for Tom Brady and would love to see him win it again,” Nicklaus wrote on Twitter. “You might say I have mixed emotions on this one.”

The Chiefs will be returning to the Super Bowl after winning it last season. This year, meanwhile, Kansas City had the best record in the league at 14-2. The reigning champs are trying to become the first team since Tom Brady’s New England Patriots to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

Kansas City beat San Francisco thanks to a comeback led by their star quarterback. It was the third appearance in the big game in Chiefs’ franchise history but the first in 50 years.

Jack Nicklaus and John Daly Disagree on Super Bowl Winner

While we can all respect Nicklaus’ pick, John Daly would have to disagree. In fact, it appears as though he is putting money on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to come away victorious.

Daly sent a tweet saying that he’s going with his hometown team.

“I’m not one to shy away from a bet so I’m riding w/my hometown team TAMPA BAY during the big game,” he wrote.

As for Tampa Bay, this will be just the second time in team history that the franchise has made it to the big game. The Bucs won their first trip to the Super Bowl in 2003 against the Oakland Raiders.

Tom Brady will be making history on Sunday once again, as he has done countless times before during his Hall-of-Fame career. At 43 years old, he will be the oldest player to ever play in the Super Bowl.

Incredibly, this will also be Brady’s 10th trip to the Super Bowl. It’s old news by now but Brady spent 20 years with the New England Patriots before signing with Tampa. While with New England, he went to the Super Bowl nine times and won six of them. That’s the most for any player in NFL history.

If Brady is able to come away with a win Sunday, he’ll join Peyton Manning as the only two quarterbacks in NFL history to win Super Bowls on two different teams.

Given all of that, it’s kind of hard to disagree with John Daly’s logic on this one. Although, it’s hard to argue with Jack Nicklaus all the same.

Also, playing in favor of the Buccaneers, Super Bowl LV will take place at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This makes the Buccaneers the first team to play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium.