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Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Grange Golf Club in Grange, Adelaide, Australia, hosted the LIV Golf Adelaide event last month. It appears some club members are unhappy with how the organization left their golf club after the event finished.

“A profit-making circus has come to town and the people paying the price are the members,” Trevor Craig told The Advertiser, an outlet in Adelaide.

Damage from the event are causing repairs to the course that will take up to six months to fix. The biggest damage came on the 12th hole — or the LIV Golf party hole — where Chase Koepka hit a hole-in-one that caused quite the celebration.

“The next couple hours I was out there, I was just getting ovation after ovation every time I walked up to every shot, every tee box. It was pretty cool,” Koepka said after his round was completed that day. “That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

However, most of the club members appears to be happy with the results of the 54-hole tournament with the satisfaction rate at 86 percent of club members, according to a survey.

“We have received many emails, letters and phone calls congratulating the club for delivering the event,” The Grange Golf Club general manager Barry Linke told The Advertiser.

The event was won by Talor Gooch, who followed that up with a victory at LIV Golf Singapore the following weekend. He won a $4 million purse for his win in Australia.

However, because of Australian taxes, he had to pay 47.5% of his earnings to the government.

“It was a little bit disheartening seeing 47-and-a-half percent because Australian taxes [do] not enter the account. It comes, you know, almost it sometimes it’s like 48 hours, but it’s usually 24 hours after the direct deposit hits,” Gooch said on the Fore the People podcast.

“It was a big one this last week, but yeah, it sucked that 47-and-a-half percent was withheld for Australian taxes, unfortunately,” he added. “I am by no means complaining, but the four, once you cut it all up, let’s just say that it’s a lot less than four.”