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Golfer tells partners to ‘be quiet for my hole-in-one,’ then proceeds to hit hole-in-one

by Dustin Schutte
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(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)

First Babe Ruth called his shot, then some random golfer while teeing it up on a par-3 before hitting a hole-in-one. We’re still debating which one might be more historic.

A video captured on a golf course — and shared by the Drunk by the Turn account on Instagram — shows a golfer telling his buddies to “be quiet for my hole-in-one.” He then proceeds to make a hole-in-one.

Some of us would just like one lucky bounce to say we finally carded a hole-in-one. This guy called his shot and then celebrated with his group. It had to be a pretty cool moment.

If this is an authentic video, it’s undoubtedly one of the best called shots we’ve seen. However … we have questions …

Why are the several golf clubs just lying on the tee box? Did this guy make multiple attempts to record a hole-in-one? Or is there actually an explanation behind it? Maybe everyone was in-between clubs and grabbed a few before making a final decision.

For those golfers out there, it makes perfect sense.

Honestly, we may never know whether this was an authentic video or not, and whether this guy actually hit a hole-in-one on his first swing. But if he did, he belongs in the Regular Golfer Hall of Fame … even if that’s not a thing.

John Daly amuses golf fans during celebrity shootout

From an amateur golf legend to a professional. A recent video of John Daly’s actions also made the rounds on social media recently, when the two-time major champion lost his cool during a celebrity golf event.

Well, at least we believe that’s the case. Daly, too, might’ve played up to the crowd a bit in a video.

Daly participated in Tracy Lawrence’s Mission: Possible Celebrity Tournament at Old Hickory Country Club in Nashville. After hitting a poor tee shot, the golfer chucked his club down the middle of the fairway.

Then, without hesitation, Daly yelled, “piece of s***!”

Daly is one of the most well-liked PGA Tour stars. He’s a very authentic player who is willing to say — and do — just about anything. Very rarely is Daly afraid of the spotlight.

Daly may not be quite the player he once was on the golf course but he’s still incredibly entertaining. In case that video didn’t spell that out to everyone.