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We need Adam Sandler in Will Ferrell’s new LIV Golf-inspired comedy series

by Andrew Graham
(Photo by Mike Coppola/FilmMagic)

A parody golf account floated the idea that Adam Sandler could be playing a golfer on screen again. And of course, it’d be a massive missed opportunity if he didn’t reprise his iconic Happy Gilmore role.

Per the tweet from Tour Golf on Twitter, Sandler would reprise the titular “Happy Gilmore.” He would do so in Will Ferrell’s new comedy series, inspired by the LIV Golf-PGA Tour feud. And even though it’s a long shot, it’s hard to imagine a better setting for Happy to make a long-awaited return to the screen.

It was reported in April that Ferrell was making the yet-to-be-titled series.

Will Ferrell To Star in Comedy Series Inspired by LIV Golf-PGA Tour Drama

Ferrell is set to star in a fictional comedy series about a golf tour that breaks away from the establishment, according to Deadline. While fictional, the series will of course be cribbing from the real-life drama that has unfolded.

“No one would comment but I hear the series revolves around a professional golfer who becomes the face of a controversial new league competing with the PGA,” reporter Nellie Andreeva wrote.

Ferrell has starred in a number of sports-centric comedies. From Semi-Pro to Blades of Glory to Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, it’s familiar turf for Ferrell. Apparently, the new series project will be most akin to the latter of the trio. It’s also the first time Ferrell has had his own comedy series. He rose to fame on Saturday Night Live but has otherwise primarily been in film.

Something in the realm of Jackie Moon or Chazz Michael Michaels has potential. Or perhaps Ferrell will find a stiffer upper lip, given the game at hand. Seems less-than-likely with Sandler reportedly in the fold to bring back Happy Gilmore for a spell.

And given the political, economic, sporting and personal layers to the real LIV Golf-PGA Tour story, a Ferrell-led fiction has a chance to be an all-timer.

Since Ferrell’s series was reported, LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman hinted at creation of another rival league

The Shark shared some exciting news for fans of LIV Golf, revealing that there is interest in creating a LIV Golf series for women. Greg Norman, a golf icon in his own right, is the CEO of the controversial LIV Golf series that emerged recently as a rival for the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf was already able to recruit many of the top PGA stars for their events last year. With Norman’s reveal that a ladies’ series could be coming — a similar thing could happen to LPGA players. Norman revealed that he has already been in contact with LPGA players about the idea.

The decision by players to join LIV Golf drew massive criticism and controversy from fellow players last year. Now, the Saudi Arabian-backed golf series could be adding more fuel to the fire.

“That is a discussion we have internally on a regular basis. I have personally had discussions with individual LPGA Tour players, Ladies European Tour,” Norman said. “They love what our product is showcasing. They ask all the time, ‘How can we get involved?’ We’d love to see a LIV ladies series.”