Golfing Legend Jack Nicklaus Makes Bold Prediction on Tiger Woods’ Future

by Megan Molseed

Last winter, golfing great Tiger Woods found himself facing some major injuries after a terrible single-car accident just outside of Los Angeles.

And, since then, golf fans have been wondering about the golfing legend’s return to the game. Primarily when, and if, a return is ever going to happen.

As Tiger Woods continues to heal from his injuries suffered during the February 23 Southern California car crash, the golfing great seems to be focusing on one thing: rehabilitating from the terrible leg injury he suffered during the crash.

Lately, Tiger Woods hasn’t given golf fans a clear picture as to what he plans to do regarding his career on the links as he continues to heal. But, that doesn’t stop fellow golfing legend Jack Nicklaus from sharing his own thoughts on the future of Woods’s career. He believes that the golfing legend will certainly be returning to the links at some point.

Few Things Can Keep Tiger Woods Off The Course

“I know Tiger,” Jack Nicklaus told the Washington Post. “What he did at Torrey Pines [winning the 2008 U.S. Open] on a broken leg, what does that tell you?”

“He’ll still be able to slap it around, and if he can putt, he’ll be all right,” the golf pro continued. “I don’t know if he can reach his old level, but I do expect him to play again.”

The guy has a point. Really, if anyone is going to make it back from such a serious injury, it is definitely going to be Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods has been making some great progress over the last few months. The 15-time major champion was even seen recently putting weight on his injured leg. However, says Woods, the healing and rehabilitation process hasn’t been an easy one.

A Challenging Road To Recovery

“This has been an entirely different animal,” The forty-five-year-old golfer revealed to Golf Digest. “I understand more of the rehab processes because of my past injuries, but this was more painful than anything I have ever experienced.”

The injuries Woods suffered in the February car crash include a variety of open fractures on his right leg. Due to the extent of the injuries, the golfing great was rushed into immediate surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Tiger Woods was later transferred to his South Florida home to continue his rehabilitation journey.

When asked about his hopes of playing golf again, told Golf Digest that he had no official comment on the matter, however, he did state he is working every day to regain his strength.

“My physical therapy has been keeping me busy,” said Woods.

“I do my routines every day and am focused on my No. 1 goal right now: walking on my own,” the golfing great continued. “Taking it one step at a time.”