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Gonzaga Star Drew Timme Drops F-Bomb in Live Interview After Beating TCU To Advance To Sweet 16

by Sam Gillenwater
Drew Timme
Helen H. Richardson | MediaNews Group | The Denver Post via Getty Images

Drew Timme has actually been pretty good when it comes to going out of his way to censor himself. He did so following last year’s win in the Round of 32 against Memphis which sent Gonzaga to the Sweet 16.

However, after the Bulldogs earned their eighth straight trip to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament, Drew Timme couldn’t hold in the curses any longer. In his postgame interview with Andy Katz on TBS after coming back and knocking off TCU, he went ahead and let an F-bomb fly.

Warning: Clip contains NSFW language

While he might need a bar of soap for the mouth, Timme might have earned that one from the effort he and Gonzaga gave on Sunday night in Denver. In 31 minutes, he scored 28 points and grabbed eight rebounds while shooting 57% from the field. That production was a key part of the ‘Zag’s comeback from down 10 to knock off the Horned Frogs.

It’s actually quite funny to see how Drew Timme chose to handle both interviews. In 2022, he was careful not to use any french. However, after saving their season in 2023, he let one rip off the cuff, although it was arguably a well-deserved one based on his performance and the final outcome of the game.

Michigan State Star Tyson Walker Has Car Towed While Punching Ticket to Sweet Sixteen

It doesn’t matter what you do on the basketball court in East Lansing, apparently. Michigan State star Tyson Walker learned that lesson the hard way after dropping 23 points in an upset win over Marquette on Sunday.

After Michigan State’s 69-60 victory over Marquette, Walker shared some interesting news on social media. Apparently, his car had been towed while he was scorching the Eagles.

“How I get back to campus and they towed my car,” Walker wrote.

Come on, Michigan State. We understand rules should apply to everyone, but can you give a one-time pass to the guy who just led the program to another Sweet Sixteen appearance? Is that really too much to ask?

Right now we don’t have any other details regarding Walker’s car situation. But it doesn’t matter. How often do you hear of a player lighting up an opponent, leading his team to a Sweet Sixteen appearance and then having to deal with a “Dude, where’s my car?” moment?