Green Bay Packers Fans Hold ‘COVID Can’t Stop the Pack’ Flag and People are Losing It

by Evan Reier

With somewhere around 8,000 fans at Lambeau Field for the Green Bay Packers Divisional Round clash with the Los Angeles Rams, it was inevitable that there would be some “unsafe” fan interaction.

Besides photos and videos of Packers fans in attendance without masks or much distancing, one flag in particular is catching the attention of NFL fans.

A group of Green Bay fans were stoked about being in attendance for the huge matchup, and understandably so. But the group’s custom made flag may be a bit misguided.

It’s certainly a statement to make in the middle of a pandemic. Granted, the Cheeseheads pictured are masked up, so it’s not exactly a completely wrong move.

Green Bay Packers Fans Get Hate, Praise

Of course, because this is the internet, plenty of reactions and hot takes quickly flooded social media.

For example, twitter user @OilCan82457680, was not pleased to say the least.

“Nice sign: not even covid stops packers. Gfy. Be a little more sensitive to the people who have DIED.”

There’s certainly a point to be made there. Hard to blame anyone that lost people to COVID-19 for being frustrated by a flag like that.

Another user, @je7f, brings up that it’s just asking for some type of karmic comeback.

#nfl bringing a sign that says “not even covid can stop the pack” is tempting fate.” he wrote.

However, while there are some that find it insensitive, there were plenty of fans that thought the flag was a smash hit.

Twitter user Nate Eicholtz, for example, threw out some pretty strong enthusiasm, but he wants the flag done in the style of the Baltimore Ravens.

Not even COVID can stop the pack” flag was awesome where do I buy a ravens one?”

Fellow user @Cmtaai shared a similar reaction, clearly finding the sign and the group of fans hilarious.

Not even covid could stop the PACKERS!! #gopackgo

If the fans’ goal was to motivate Green Bay, it possibly worked, as the Packers took a 32-18 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

And if the goal was to rile up discussion on the internet, well congrats, you’ve done that as well.