Green Bay Packers Unveil First Photos of ’50s Classic’ Uniform, Announce Game They’ll Debut Them

by Madison Miller

As of now, we’re amidst the NFL preseason as players and teams get ready for the start of the season. The season will start soon on Thursday, September 9, when the Cowboys and the Buccaneers kick off the official season. Teams have been finalizing their roster and gearing up for a successful season. The Green Bay Packers have been doing a little design work for their uniforms.

The team just unveiled what they deem a “50s classic” look. It’s an all-around pretty basic look for the Packers. The uniform consists of the typical dark forest green as the main color. The helmet is entirely a rich gold color. There are also accents of gold used for the number, the stripes on the sleeve, the Nike logo, the gloves, and the shoes.

David Bakhtiari, Randall Cobb, Jaire Alexander, and Aaron Jones are modeling the new look on the team’s Twitter account.

According to the Green Bay Packers site, these uniforms will be worn during the October 24 home game against Washington. So far, the uniforms are getting some mixed reviews. One person wrote, “These should’ve been the one….. those are trash.” They also included a photo of a different 2021 jersey proposal.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user drew a comparison between the Packers jersey and the Chicago Bears jersey. “@packers : Hey #Bears can I copy your homework? @ChicagoBears : Yeah just change it up a bit so it’s not obvious,” the person jokingly wrote.

While some fans may not like the look, the Packers were looking to go back to their roots. The look was last worn from 1950 to 1953. It was before the popular Lambeau Field existed or popular Green Bay Players really dominated the field.

“With the NFL growing rapidly, this time period set the stage for the construction of Lambeau Field and for the team’s success in the 1960s and beyond,” the Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy said in a press release, according to ESPN.

Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers

When it comes to Green Bay Packers news during the offseason, a lot of headlines gravitated toward the Aaron Rodgers drama.

Since then, it seems like the Packers and Rodgers have reached a resolution. Rodgers will be returning as the team’s quarterback and has negotiated new conditions upon staying in Green Bay.

The negotiation left a lot of wiggle room for Aaron Rodgers to potentially wrap up his time with the team at the end of this season. His restructured contract makes it much easier for the quarterback to choose to play somewhere else in 2022.

While it could be his last season with the Green Bay Packers, he doesn’t want fans and the media to fixate on that point.

“I don’t want a farewell tour. I don’t know what’s going to happen after the season, but I’m going to enjoy it with the right perspective, for sure, and not look at it as I’m getting through this. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of all of it,” the player said during a recent press conference, according to an article from ESPN.

As of now, Jordan Love, the draft pick during the first round of the 2020 draft, will get the majority of playing time in the preseason. However, he recently had a right shoulder strain. He is not yet cut from the upcoming game against the Jets though.