Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Shares Passion for ‘Owning’ Chicago Bears

by Bryan Fyalkowski

Aaron Rodgers is 23-5 in his career against the Chicago Bears. The Green Bay Packers have quite simply put a beatdown on their rival for the past 14 years with him at quarterback.

On this week’s episode of Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast, “Big Cat” – who is a notoriously enormous Chicago sports fan – asked Rodgers if he takes extra pride in consistently beating the Bears.

“Yes,” Rodgers responded with a smirk. “Because it’s a great sports town. If we’re beating up on a town that doesn’t have great sports history, it’s just another win. Chicago is Chicago. You have 100 years of Bears football, you have the Chicago Bulls – and I grew up a Bulls fan.”

Now, that is an interesting wrinkle to all of this: Rodgers being a Bulls fan. Of course, being born in 1983 and growing up during the Michael Jordan era probably contributed to that fact. But Rodgers explained that his family – even though they were in California – would tune into WGN to catch Bulls and Cubs games.

Aaron Rodgers ‘Owns’ the Chicago Bears – Always Has, Always Will

However, Aaron Rodgers definitely did not claim to be a Bears fan growing up. And his actions – and words – over the years have proven his disdain for the NFL franchise.

Who can forget last season at Soldier Field, when Rodgers scored a rushing touchdown and screamed up at the crowd: “I’ve owned you all my f—ing life. I own you. I still own you.”

“Sometimes you black out, in a good way,” Rodgers said at the time. “I looked up into the stands and all I saw was a woman giving me the double bird. So I’m not sure exactly what came out of my mouth next.”

With a 22-5 regular-season record against Chicago – plus a win in the 2011 NFC Championship game over the Bears en route to his only Super Bowl title – Rodgers owning them is a stone-cold fact at this point.