Green Bay Packers Receiver Sammy Watkins Has High Praise for Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

by Chris Haney

Veteran NFL wide receiver Sammy Watkins is no stranger to elite quarterbacks. The 29-year-old signed a one-year deal with the Green Bay Packers earlier this year in April. That means he’s now playing with the third MVP quarterback of his career. When recently speaking about his current QB, four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, Watkins spoke highly of his teammate, which isn’t the first time he’s complimented him.

Previously, Watkins played with Patrick Mahomes during his three-year stint in Kansas City. Following his time with the Chiefs, Watkins signed with Baltimore last season where he played with his second MVP QB, Lamar Jackson. After only one year with the Ravens, Watkins is now lining up beside Aaron Rodgers.

Some guys play their entire careers without having a reliable gunslinger under center. Not Watkins, who has basically played with nothing but the best at quarterback. So he has a unique perspective when analyzing what each brings to the table.

One might think if push came to shove that Watkins would pick Mahomes out of the bunch. After all, they did win Super Bowl LIV together. Yet early in training camp this summer, Watkins’ teammate and fellow receiver Randall Cobb asked him to compare Rodgers and Mahomes.

“Mahomes or Rodgers? I’ve been with both of ’em, and I’m gonna be honest,” Sammy Watkins said. “I think Pat is unbelievably good, but A-Rod is on a whole different level.”

Sammy Watkins Shares More Praise for Aaron Rodgers

We’re sure being in the green and gold these days may have swayed Sammy Watkins’ opinion at least a little. But he’s not out of line for thinking so by the numbers. Mahomes still has many years left in the NFL and could surpass Rodgers down the road. But for now, Rodgers’ four MVPs and one Lombardi Trophy stack up higher than Mahomes’ one MVP and one Super Bowl victory.

Recently, Green Bay Packers analyst Larry McCarren read his training camp quote back to Sammy Watkins where he picked Aaron Rodgers over Pat Mahomes. The wide receiver doubled down on his comments and spoke highly of Rodgers once again.

“He’s amazing. How he controls the ball,” Watkins said of Rodgers. “How he puts everybody in place. I’ve been with a lot of quarterbacks, and I’ve never seen them carry themselves like Aaron Rodgers.”

Realistically, we’re talking about quarterbacks 1A and 1B in the NFL when debating Rodgers versus Mahomes. They’re arguably the league’s two best passing quarterbacks, albeit on opposite ends of their respective careers. Any wide receiver would be thrilled to be catching passes from either of the elite talents.

For now, Watkins is focused on building a rapport with Rodgers. He came into training camp injured and just returned from the physically unable to perform (PUP) list. The pair have been working closely together in the last couple of weeks as Rodgers has put Watkins through a “crash course” to get him up to speed with the Packers offense. Earlier this week, Rodgers praised his wide receivers, specifically naming Watkins for his hard work and preparation.

“I feel like there’s been a few guys who’ve made a jump mentally,” Aaron Rodgers said. “Sammy [Watkins] being one of them, I feel like he’s been playing faster and making more precise decisions… It’s those little things like that start to gain that trust and that confidence and gets you excited about things.”