Green Bay Packers Star Davante Adams Gifts Teammates Air Jordans

by Charles Craighill

The Green Bay Packers star Davante Adams treated his teammates to some fresh new kicks today. The stud wide receiver bought his teammates some new Air Jordans as an early Christmas present. Adams signed with Nike back in 2014 when he entered the league. Nike owns Air Jordan, so Adams probably got a pretty sweet deal on the $300 pairs of shoes.

Davante Adams also is in the middle of a four-year $58 million contract, so even without the sweet deal, the three-time All-Star could probably afford them. His teammates were appreciative none-the-less, posting pictures and videos all over social media.

“Shout out to the big bro, Tae,” pass rusher Preston Smith said. “The boy got the team Jordans! Yessir! You already know what the f*CK going on!”

“You know what it is man,” Davante Adams responded. “I love ya’ll boys, man!”

Davante Adams Career Season

This season, Davante Adams will likely return to the Pro-Bowl with the numbers he has put up so far. He leads the league in reception touchdowns, tied with Tyreek Hill at 13. He also sits among the top wideouts in receptions, receiving yards, and yards per game, putting him on pace for some career highs.

More importantly, Davante Adams and the Green Bay Packers sit poised for another playoff trip. They currently sit atop the NFC North ahead of the Minnesota Vikings. At 9-3, the Packers chase the 10-2 New Orleans Saints for the NFC bye week. For the remainder of the season, they only play one team over .500, so they have a pretty good chance of catching up. With that said, their week 16 matchup with the Tennessee Titans could prove to be tricky.

Either way, The Packers would have to screw up in a major way to miss out on winning their division. They currently hold a three game lead over the Minnesota Vikings, and with only four games left in the season, it seems fairly unlikely that they would give that up.